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Caderneta de Cromos (2009-2012)


After almost three years of “listening stickers” every morning weekdays with the duration of aprox. 30 minutes (divided into two parts and two different subjects), “Caderneta de Cromos”, a radio program from Rádio Comercial, one of the most listened radios in Portugal, has now come to an end (that will happen late September 2012), with the official announcement made on 23rd August 2012 (in portuguese) Therefore, this post is dedicated to this unique radio program

Created and presented by radio DJ and TV-presenter, as well as comedian, Nuno Markl (together with his colleagues from the morning radio show of the radio: Pedro RibeiroVanda Miranda and Vasco Palmeirim) on 23rd November 2009, this radio program had as its biggest attribute remembering those childhood and teenage moments that’d stay on our heads forever, such as objects, food, TV-programs, movies, music, etc… always seasoned with a certain witty humour that you can’t help but getting addicted to it


The astounding sucess of the radio show led to a highly sucessfull merchandising that went from books to action figures, table games to real stickers to put in the books of the program, an agenda book and a compilation CD with songs from the late 70’s to early 90’s

My background about it: the first time I got to know the radio program was actually with the first book of it as seen on the second photo, two years ago (2010). At the time, I found it highly interesting to read Nuno Markl‘s point of view on the subjects of his and everyone’s childhood. This led me to hear the radio program itself and I got hooked by it. So hooked that I even bought the agenda book, the second book of the radio show and the compilation CD

In time, I’d always be anxious to wait for new topics (especially ones that would be of my interest) to be discussed on it and to hear what was on the presenters’ minds. In fact, when I wasn’t on a good humour, this would at least try to cheer me up a litle

It’s sad to know it’s now over (well, the creator Nuno Markl even said it wouldn’t last forever). But maybe it was for the best, in order to not decay in quality and to stay forever in people’s minds as a evergreen radio program in Portugal for its authenticity and uniquness in displaying what was hip and trendy (or not) between the late 70’s and the mid 90’s. So I say: thank you, Nuno Markl, Pedro Ribeiro, Vanda Miranda and Vasco Palmeirim and also Rádio Comercial for everything and hoping you’ll continue to have such a sucess for the future

To hear every single “audible stickers” of this program, check this unofficial fan site that puts on archive every single one of them:

One last video to remember this program – the 1000th “audible sticker” as seen on the studio of Rádio Comercial:

And once again, as tribute, I say:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)