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Singstar (2004-2011)


new category, new issue to talk and give an opinion about. Talking about one of the few videogame sagas I like the most (and usually I don’t really play videogames that much): “SingStar”, a series of karaoke party music games developed by London Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for release in its consoles (Playstation 2 and later Playstation 3)

Playing alone or with people to make it a group (and with a microphone or two), the main goal of this fun game is sing along with music in order to score points, maybe the highest you’d ever make their. But if tyou want to know more about “SingStar”, you can find it out on this site:

Some of the “SingStar” series I have:

– SingStar ABBA (my favourite)

SingStar “Morangos com açucar”

SingStar Back to the 80’s

Singstar Portugal Hits

My opinion: unlike most of the games when there’s a plot, a goal, an objective, among other things, “SingStar” is merely a fun game where you can sing it out loud, no matter if your pitch is right or wrong… and that’s, for me, the charm of it – and it certainly creates a pretty enjoyable atmosphere (whether you sing along or in groups)

The list of songs on each series might be bittersweet (when I look to back cover of a release and see the list of songs, I think: some songs are good, some others are not that good, etc…), but it’s understandable as to why they are part of their list. Well, nothing can 100% please everyone

All in all, a great enjoyment for all audiences (or, at least, for those who like simple and fun games without any complications to it). A pity that, since 2011, the SingStar franchise is more of a free application… hoping that Sony will give new physical releases of that same franchise some day

Meanwhile, a last treat – the commercial for the “SingStar Portugal Hits” release:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)