jESC 2015: San Marino – Kamilla Ismailova – Mirror



It’s the continuation of my opinion regarding the 17 competing entries from the 17 participating countries of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria (officially, though, the host will be Bulgaria as a whole. Sofia is only the location of the venue)

Next up is San Marino with a mid-tempo entry about breaking free from the obstacles and reaching out one’s dreams titled “Mirror”, sung in italian and english. Some might be suprised about the fact that the singer in question is from as far as… Russia (with azeri roots): Kamilla Ismailova, who also co-wrote the lyrics. A more extensive biography of the participant can be seen on this link:

Now to the opinion of the song: Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a great entry coming from San Marino. But here it is – a passionate mid-slow entry with a delicate and yet topical set of arrangements and powerful lyrics to contrast the song’s black and white atmosphere. Normally, the song has what’s needed to do quite well – however, after seeing some live performance videos from Kamilla (especially one where she sings the entry), I’m really worried she won’t do this song any justice with a poor vocal performance – however, I hope she can prove me wrong by giving a power-house performance…

Not many entries left now: Serbia will be the next one to have an opinion from me…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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