jESC 2015: Albania – Mishela Rapo – Dambaje



In a few weeks time, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will start (this will happen on Saturday, 21st November 2015 and it will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria (officially, though, the host will be Bulgaria as a whole. Sofia is only the location of the venue), presented solely by Poli Genova (singer that represented her own country in ESC back in 2011 with “Na inat”)

On Monday, 30th September 2015, delegations from the 17 participating countries (the highest number of countries for a jESC edition since 2007, when 17 countries also took part) came to Bulgaria for, between other duties, the delivery of informations regarding their own entries and also knowing more details about the contest

From this moment on, I’ll give my opinion on each of the 17 songs and that’s going to be made randomly – since the actual draw will only be known during the jESC 2015 week (my opinion could change, though, after the release of the jESC 2015 Official CD and the live performance in jESC 2015)

And all begins with one of two returning countries for this edition – Albania, who has sent a cheerful tribal uptempo entry in albanian and english about friendship titled “Dambaje”, sung by Mishela Rapo. The song was done by the same people who wrote the albanian entries for ESC in 2005, (Ledina Celo, “Tomorrow I go”)2007, (Fredrik NdociHear my plea”and 2008, (Olta Boka, “Zemrën e lamë peng”): Adrian Hila and Pandi Laco. A more extensive biography of the participant can be seen on this link:

Now to the opinion of the song: it’s a nice song with nice arrangements and pretty good lyrics – however, I can’t seem to get in the mood of this one, despite being the only song of its kind to be in this year’s edition. Like it usually happens on ESC, the NF version was quite lacklustre, while the jESC version has really improved the song to a whole new level. Will it do better than Albania‘s debut entry back in 2012? It will all depend on Mishela‘s vocals (she’s normally a pretty good singer) and on how it’ll look on the stage…

Armenia will be the next one. So watch out for it pretty soon…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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