ESC 2015: My opinion about the 2nd Semi-Final



Another good day for ESC 2015 in my opinion. Nothing more to say that has been said before – only a few things more, though: curiously enough, there wasn’t a opening act (like the past few years)… and the interval acts weren’t really… well, interval acts: it was more like the 2nd part of the video-comparsion between austrian history and ESC. And to celebrate the 60th anniversary of ESC, we also had a video-look at some of the most iconic highlights from the results, always one of the most expected moments in the contest. In compensation, the quality of songs in this semi was much higher than in the first one

Like in every ESC edition, there are flaws – but they are quite minor: bar Conchita and her great job in the green room, it seems the three presenters haven’t yet shone up (they are doing their job pretty well, but it seems they aren’t as memorable as they should be). And a show overrun almost happened once again, something that affected the qualifiers announcement (eventhough it lasted a little longer than in the 1st Semi-Final)

From my predicition, I got 8 out of 10 (like last year too), missing Lithuania and Latvia (I had Iceland (a bit suprised about this non-qualification – then again, they didn’t have a pretty good performance and that might have hurt their chances in qualifiying for the final) and Czech Republic). On this semi, I had, at least, five song to cheer for: Norway, Latvia, Slovenia, Sweden and Czech Republic – and all but the latter mentioned country qualified for the final. Extremely happy with those qualifiers, although it’s a pity Czech Republic missed the ticket. On the other hand, thank God  Malta didn’t qualify for the final – never saw something really special in it, although it wasn’t a bad song…

As for my home country, Portugal: I didn’t expect us to qualify for the final and that became true (we’ll see tomorrow what was our result in our semi). Despite the fact that Leonor and her team did a pretty good job with the performance (at least, that was quite better than in the NF), the entry wasn’t strong enough to put Portugal in the final + the competition was too strong for such a simplistic pop-rock entry. All in all, I believe RTP should change their mentality towards ESC and start thinking  new ways of choosing the portuguese entry – what we need an entry and a performance that can please both the televote and the jury… and perhaps going out for more than just a qualification for the final

Yesterday, the draw was revealed a few hours after the 2nd Semi-Final‘s press conference had ended… so, here it is:

01: Slovenia
02: France
03: Israel
04: Estonia
05: United Kingdom
06: Armenia
07: Lithuania
08: Serbia
09: Norway
10: Sweden
11: Cyprus
12: Australia
13: Belgium
14: Austria
15: Greece
16: Montenegro
17: Germany
18: Poland
19: Latvia
20: Romania
21: Spain
22: Hungary
23: Georgia
24: Azerbaijan
25: Russia
26: Albania
27: Italy

Meanwhile, here’s the Semi-Final 2 qualifiers’ press conference (as shown on

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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