Images: 25th April 1974 – the Carnation Revolution day


since today it’s 25th April, here’s an image that exemplifies the moment pretty well:


(taken from the weekly news magazine “Sábado”, n. 470, p. 102 – all rights reserved to the magazine in question)

The description says:

“Chaimite, symbol of (the) 25th April 1974” – (Capitain) Salgueiro Maia‘s chaimites tore down the (dictatorship) regime. Marcello Caetano (the last President of the Council of Ministers) was taken from the Largo do Carmo to another chaimite. The commando’s regiment frequently used that vehicle – and on the (Carnation) Revolution‘s first year, a group of children was photographed on such in Amadora. The image repeats itself every year: on 25th April, hundreds of people take photos in the chaimite that goes through the Avenida da Liberdade

Surely it’s a pretty rare photo concerning the Carnation Revolution‘s celebrations (even if it’s taken in 1975, a year after it actually happened). At the same time, though, it’s a cheerful example of how much the revolution itself became a pretty symbolic moment in Portugal‘s history – as we see children celebrating and also having fun in the chaimite. In a way, I could also get a lyrical feeling of a march towards the future – more precisely, to the unknown that’s waiting to be discovered…

All in all, an image that perfectly captures the right moment in a single take

As an extra gift, here’s one more image – this time from June 1974. It’s TV related – as we see RTP 1 and RTP 2’s TV schedule for Saturday, 1st June 1975 and Sunday, 2nd June 1975:


(taken from “1974: O ano que começou em Abril”, p. 163  (the image’s original source: Diário de Noticias, 1st June 1974) – all rights reserved to the book in question)

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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