jESC 2014: The split televoting and jury results



On December 2014the split 50/50 voting results of the televote and jury for jESC 2014 were revealed (the first time it has happened on jESC). Just like in ESC 2014, every little detail about the jury and the televoting was revealed and it can be acessed in here:

For my definite conclusion to the jESC 2014 season on my blog, I’ll give my opinion about those results and then a general opinion of them in the end (note: unlike ESC (where it’s everything per ranking), the jury and the televote only per combined top-10). Let’s see what they look like:


NOTE: the split results don’t include the Kids Jury voting and the 12 points that EBU gives to every single song + in televoting terms, San Marino and Slovenia‘s jury votes were counted as such too

It’s curious to see the huge difference for some of the placings. For instance, Italy was the winner with the jury… while they were only 3rd with the televoting; Bulgaria was the televote’s winner, but they would only get as far as 4th with the jury; Cyprus did better with the juries than with the televoting and vice-versa for The Netherlands; etc…. I guess Croatia‘s poor result on both was quite deserve for the reasons already stated in my opinion post concerning jESC 2014

But the biggest suprise for me, however, was Ukraine‘s result: this did extremely well with televoting (4th), while the jury destroyed their chances in getting a great placing (12th). I thought this would also do well with the juries… but I guess we can always expect a few shocking suprises (either positive or negative…) from them as well

Finally, a screenshot example of a detailed jury and televoting results (San Marino and Slovenia used only the jury voting) – those from this edition’s winning country (Italy):



There’s no doubt the 50/50 voting is really the fairest way of voting, giving the best of both worlds and it’ll always be hard to please everyone – especially when each person has its own taste (some prefer the 100% televoting results, others do prefer the 100% jury voting one, etc…)

One more thing before ending my posts about ESC 2014 – relive the final voting without commentary:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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