jESC 2014: My opinion about the show



It’s been quite a while since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has ended – and now I will start my review on last year’s edition. 16 countries participated in the 2014 edition of the contest held in MarsaMalta (well, Malta was considered to be the host as a whole, but the venue was located in Marsaon Saturday, 15th November 2014

And it all started with a taste of Malta’s locations and a first act full of colorful dancing, later paving way to the usual jESC tradition (the “parade of nations” à la Olympic Games):

Then, the presenter of the evening came (Moira Delia (who had previously hosted one of the Maltese ESC NF editions back in– the first time it has happened on a jESC edition: all the previous editions had at least two. And I think she did her job pretty well (the right mix of communication and charism), eventhough she won’t be in the gallery of unforgettable ESC and jESC host presenters

After that, the parade of songs started. At this point, I’ll be giving my opinion on their performances – since I already posted my opinion on each song before it’d start:

01: Belarus – Nadezhda Misyakova – Sokal

To start the 2014 edition of jESC, here’s the sole ethnic music representant in the competition. A great opener, me thinks, with a pretty impressive and powerfully choreographed performance in every single aspect

02: Bulgaria – Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim – Planet of the children

And here we have have the first ballad of the night. Despite the throat problems Krisia had during the jESC 2014 week, there’s no doubt she delievered a highly competent vocal of the performance. And while the instrumental was fully playback, the twins Hasan & Ibrahim did a great job at keeping the appearances

03: San MarinoThe Peppermints – Breaking my heart

The first of three consecutive uptempo pop songs and also the only act with more than 3 persons in the contest. Visually, they defended it well with their fierceness – vocally, though, there were some problems in the solo parts. However, their harmonies were perfect…

04: Croatia Josie – Game over

Next up was this minimalistic contemporary pop entry that wasn’t already promising due to its production. The performance only complicated its chances to, at least, get out of the bottom places: everything sounded and looked confused to me – the singer’s vocals were quite off and the dancers seemed clueless in what to do next

05: Cyprus – Sophia Patsalides I pio omorfi mera

Another catchy pop entry coming up, although more in terms of dance-pop. And unlike the previous entry, the visual performance only relied on the singer herself. Well… what a performance: vocally slick and precise, visually effective in a contemporary way – sometimes, less is more and this one was no exception…

06: GeorgiaLizi Pop – Happy day

A contemporary pop-ballad at the likes of Miley Cirus“Wrecking ball” is what Georgia brought us this year. Despite the impressive visual performance that even included a beautiful pyro-waterfall, it’s a pity Lizi wasn’t at her best vocally-wise: they weren’t bad, but she was off-key or out of breath at times

07: SwedenJulia KedhammarDu är inte ensam

Going back to the good old ESC swedish schlager times with modern arrangements: that was Sweden‘s journey in 2014. The only thing I can say concerning this one is: it was just OK visually – nothing that wasn’t seen on jESC and even on ESC before, though – and vocally-wise – despite being a bit shaky during the entire performance. At least, Julia was better in here than in the NF

08Ukraine Sympho-Nick – Priyde vesna

Coming up next is a atmospherical mid-tempo ethnic entry with a performance pretty much similiar to the NF performance, but now adaptated to a bigger stage. It doesn’t mean it’s less impactful than before – on the contrary, it’s as dreamy and as magical as it ever was. Their harmonious vocal performance only adds more charm to it

09: SloveniaUla Ložar Nisi sam (Your light)

The first of three debuting countries comes next with a indie-pop ballad, something not really common to hear in a jESC edition. In vocal terms, she was pretty good (eventhough with a few flaws) – but I believe the visual performance could have been much better (not even the pyros did save it). Ula looked great, though

10: Montenegro – Maša Vujadinović & Lejla Vulić Budi dijete na jedan dan

The second debuting country and a truly different contrast from the previous entry as we’re trespassing the retro rock’n’roll territory. Sadly, it didn’t came across as an all around outstanding performance – the vocals weren’t really bad, but it needed more oomph… and I’d say the same visually-wise. All in all, a total lacklustre

11ItalyVincenzo Cantiello – Tu, primo grande amore

The third and final debuting country is giving us a semi-dramatic ballad that wouldn’t be out of place in a Sanremo Festival edition. One word can describe the overall performance: passionate. Despite a few tiny dodgy vocal notes, he really delievered the song like there was no tomorrow

12: ArmeniaBettyPeople of the sun

Time for some fun with Armenia and their catchy dance-pop entry. Out of the very few NF‘s from this jESC edition, this is the song that improved the most from one place to another in terms of visual performance: everything about it was impressive and joyful. In vocal terms, Betty also gave her all without much problems. Besides, she undoubtely looked much better in jESC 2014 than in the Armenian jESC NF 2014

13: RussiaAliza Kozhikina – Dreamer

Four songs left and the first of three consecutive ballads in the running order. The performance is pretty much like the song itself: dreamy. Like Italy, despite the very few vocal problems, Alisa delieverd a truly strong performance – another “less is more” case that worked so well in this particular case

14: Serbia – Emilija Đonin – Svet u mojim očima

One more ballad is coming, this time from the last participating ex-Yu country of the edition. Nothing too suprising in this entry’s performance – good vocals, good visual performance. It just missed an extra something in order to be something more than just good

15: MaltaFederica Falzon – Diamonds

The host country finally makes its appearance with a crossover 007 James Bond-esque opera pop ballad. Simply the most outstanding vocal performance of the edition: Federica really has a wonderful vocal range – one that can could produce every single powerhouse performance like the one she gave. And the visual performance only gave the extra ponctuation on that organic force of nature the song naturally has

16: The NetherlandsJuliaAround

Last but not least, here’s a pumping dance music track to finish the edition’s songs’ presentation. Nothing too different from the NF performance (Julia doesn’t move a lot, for instance), but it’s still as modernly cool as ever. Without a doubt, a great finish for a great edition

– The 16 participating countries‘ artists singing the song especially made for the event, “#Together”

Gaia Gauchi (jESC 2013 winner, representing her home country, Malta) singing her jESC winning song, “The start” in a remix format:

After that, the time came for the most anticipated moment of a song contest by EBU: the voting. Like last year, the Kids’ jury were the first ones to reveal their voting. Then it was all about the countries’ voting with the spokespersons being on stage, something that was implemented last year

All the 16 countries + the Kids’ jury voted and Italy were crowned the winners of the jESC 2013 edition with the classy Sanremo-like ballad “Tu, primo grande amore”, sung by Vincenzo Cantiello (this was the country’s first win in jESC). Also awarded, just like last year, were the 2nd (Bulgaria, Krisia, Hasan & Ibrahim, “Planet of the children”) and 3rd (Armenia, Betty, “People of the sun”) placed entries

Overall, the results were good – just a pity a few countries were underrated, like Cyprus (9th was good, but it deserved more)Georgia and most of all, Slovenia. The last post about jESC 2014 will be about the full split voting results with complete jury and televoting results – a first in jESC terms (after being introduced in ESC that same year)

Before finishing my opinion about the jESC 2014 show, here’s the reprise of the winning entry:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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