Images: The portuguese society back in the late 50’s…


a new category is going to be introduced in this blog: “Images” – in another words, a category in which I’ll be giving my opinion on a certain image that defines its moment pretty well:


(taken from the weekly news magazine “Sábado”, n. 470, p. 92 – all rights reserved to the magazine in question)

The description says:

“The charges in the begining of RTP(‘s transmission)”RTP, that started in 1956, revoluntionzed the viewers’ lives and the workers also took a while to get used to it: anyone who would be distracted and would stop by a TV set (the word “camera” is literally translated as “camera”, but in this particular case, it’s all about a TV set) would be punished by a charge equivalent to a three-day work’s salary

The image, featuring a kid in a square-like street watching TV, really exemplifies the society back then – in a era (and a world) where poverty was as its highest, there were still ways to entertain ourselves – and in the late 50’s, television became the latest main source for free entertainment to those who couldn’t really afford to watch a movie, a play, a concert or ballet. This came with the society changes in people’s daily lives, as well as those of the workers – everything was new then and no one could have been prepared for the impact television would have in one’s lives

All in all, an image that perfectly captures both the precise movement and the ideal moment in a single take

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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