LX70 (2014)



Back to the books department as I’ll be giving my opinion on a book that I bought and read recently (November 2014 is the date release). It’s none other than the follow-up of “LX60” which already has a opinion post on its own (click in here for more – https://laboy456.wordpress.com/2012/11/17/lx60-2012/ ‎)“LX70”, made and concieved by journalist Joana Stichini Vilela and art designers Nick Mrozwski and Pedro Fernandes, as well as launched by publishing book editor company Dom Quixote

Just like its predecessor, the history/general culture book mirrors the events of a certain decade: this time, we’re going to the 1970’s decade in Lisbon, Portugal, as the book’s subtitle clearly suggest from the start to finish: “Lisbon from dream to imagination”

Just like its predecessor, a whole vast array of articles about music, politics, television, arts, fashion, sports, dec0ration, etc… is included. Among the many topics discussed in the book, we can find out the story of a promising young spanish actress who passed away in Portugal after a car accident, the first shopping centers (curiously called as “drugstores” back in that decade), the first women in the police department, the Carnation Revolution (albeit in a different way), the first R18 rated magazine for adults, the first non-clandestine transvestite (before and after the Carnation Revolution, topics such as prostitution, homossexuality, transsexuality or drag queens were either forbidden or were still a taboo), the revolutionary programs on television in the late 70’s , the skateboard advent in Portugal, etc…. All in all, a crafty description of life in Lisbon (always aided by the written sources, the imagery sources (eventhough there’s at least one photo that wasn’t apparently found out in books – it’s noticeable when you look at it closely enough. A minor fault, me thinks) and the interviews made for this book)

In a bigger coincidence, the first mention to the book I’ve noticed of was also by television on November 2004: same channel (TVI 24  cable news channel made by the 4th terrestrial channel, TVI) and same guest (Joana Stichini Vilela). Of course I was excited to know there would be a sequel to “LX60” and I just had to get it as quickly as possible

And, boy, it didn’t really disapoint me (by the way, eventhough I was born in the late 80’s and had my childhood and puberty life in the 90’s, the 1970’s is without a doubt my favourite decade in so many aspects). First of all, the feeling of the 70’s is similiar to the 60’s book – retro hard front and back covers, with the inner silky and smooth cover skin and the fabric of the pages on the inside that smells like proper paper scent, just like in those days

In terms of contest: as vibrant and exciting as the first book, with the font being in same retro approach. Of course I knew some of the stories in its depicted articles, but there were some events I didn’t know about – for example, the story of spanish actress Soledad Miranda (also known as Susann Korda) and her unfortunate car accident; a parody that was taken seriously by a newspaper and, apparently, by the New York Stock Exchange depicting portuguese people dressed and acting as arabs; the 1st International Hair Festival held in the International Fair of Lisbon; the first appearance of one of the first sexy comic book heroines made in Portugal (Zakarella), etc…

All in all, a larger than life book totally recomended to those who like the history subject, more precisely that of the 20th century. And also to anyone who happen to like other things than history (politics, general culture, social issues, etc…)

A final treat – a news report about the week from the 3rd terrestrial channel (SIC)’s news bulletin, “Jornal da noite”:


Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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