RTP – I Programa (25/12/1966)


given the fact that Christmas is coming close, it’s about time for me to post a brand new TV schedule of RTP 1, the only portuguese channel transmitted before 1968, as RTP 2 would only start their programming in that year. And we’re going back to the 60’s – more precisely, to the TV schedule of Sunday, 25th December 1966. A note: RTP 1 was known as I (Primeiro) Programa back then:

11:00: Telejornal (1ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 1st edition of the main news bulletin – quite early than usual back then)

11:15: Missa do dia de Natal (since it’s Sunday, the programming always started with religion on a church somewhere in Portugal (on that day, it was held in Lisbon at the Igreja de Santa Maria Maior (aka. Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa). This still exists as Eucaristia Dominical (Dominical Eucharist) on RTP 1, although it has been transmitted on RTP 2 for a handful of years in the 90’s and in the 2000’s)

13:00: Urbi et Orbi (religious program. Via EBU network, we would watch the live transmission of the Apostolic Blessing given by Pope John Paul I at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome)

15:00: Telejornal (2ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 2nd edition of the main news bulletin – quite early than usual back then)

15:10: Tarde de cinema (The movie for this day was “O sapatinho de cristal”, original title: “The Glass Slipper” (more about the movie in here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Glass_Slipper ). Made in 1955 and directed by Charles Walters, the modern musical retake on Charles Perrault/Brothers Grimm‘s fairytale “Cinderella” starred french actress and dancer Leslie Caron (fresh from her sucess in “Lili” (1953), from which got her first Academy Award nomination for Best Actress) as Ella, the main character. In the main cast, there’s also Michael Wilding as Prince Charles, Keenan Wynn as Kovin, Estelle Winwood as Mrs. Toquet and Elsa Lanchester as Widow Sonder (Ella‘s stepmother)

16:55: Prenda de Natal (children program especially made for Christmas time. Presented by Maria João (Aguiar), Maria Aurora and the popualr portuguese puppet of those years, Dói-Dói, Normally, short animated features were transmitted in here, like those from Hanna Barbera, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, etc…)

18:30: Informação desportiva (sport news bulletin, considered as the 3rd edition of the main news bulletin. Back then, it was also common to have a separate sport news bulletin as opposed of being incorporated into a news service bulletin)

18:35: Campeonatos profissionais de dança de salão (ballroom dance program. Via EBU (European Broadcasting Union) network, we’d see a series of professional ballroom championships, made in The Netherlands (the production of the program was done by the country’s official broadcaster: NTS (nowadays, NOS). The orchestra in the day was directed bty Ab Struik)

19:30Teatro (theatre program. On the day, we would see a theatre play based on the Bible‘s New Testament accounts regarding the nativity of Jesus. Performed by the folk’s people of Mosteiro de Ferreira, it was titled as “Cenas do auto dos três reis”, also known as “A dança do menino”)

20:30Programa das Forças Armadas (a program dedicated to the portuguese army, filmed by a crew of cameramen and journalists in Angola (Portugal was, back then, a dictatorship and the Portuguese Colonial War had started in 1961 after the colonies’ armed independence movements’ continuous fights for freedom. More about it in here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_Colonial_War ). On that day, generals, soldiers, cadets, etc… would give their Christmas sayings to their families in Portugal)

21:15: O mundo a cantar: Natal (music program. On the day, we would see and hear a choir named Coro Harmonia, under the direction of conductor Friedrich Wilhelm Werner)

21:40: Mensagem de Natal (on the day, the person who gave the Christmas message to the TV viewers was His Excelency, the Cardinal of Lisbon. Until the 90’s, state governers, presidents, cardinals, etc… would have their moment to speak for the people who are watching television in special occasions and different matters)

22:00: Telejornal (4ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 4th edition of the main news bulletin and also the longest one – therefore, the most important one)

22:25: Noite de teatro (theatre program. On that day, we were watching a portuguese adaptation by journalist Botelho da Silva of a play made by british writer Philips Levene titled in portuguese as “A chamada da noite de Natal”. A play about peace and harmony in which incompreehension cannot turn to hate and hate into criminal negligence, )

23:30: Concerto (music program. On that day, we could see and hear Johann Sebastian Bach‘s 6th part/cantata of the classical piece Weihnachts-Oratorium” (Christmas Oratorio)

23:55: Telejornal (5ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 5rd and last edition of the main news bulletin. After that, it’s the second and last closedown time)

(source: ReT: Rádio e Televisão) all rights reserved)

Looking at this mid 60’s schedule and comparing it to those that will come for Christmas week on the four main portuguese national channels (and also on the cable and digital channels), it’s obvious that both are vastly different from each other. Nowadays we have a lot of movies, soap-operas, etc… going on several channels – but in the mid 60’s and in just one channel, we see a whole range of variety: theatre, animated series, ballroom dance competitions, religious programming, sport, music programs, public service programs and movies. Things have really changed since then…

…and just to close this post, here’s an excerpt of the movie “The Glass Slipper”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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