Indila – Mini world (2014)



Maybe 2014 isn’t over yet, but there’s an album from what I think is one of the biggest revelations in the music industry: Indila

Released by Capitol Records France, Indila (after several years of colaborating with other artists for featuring appearances on those artists’ tracks) released her debut album titled “Mini pop”, a indie-pop pleasure from begining to end (all the songs were made by herself and her partner Skalpovich). So, here we go to the opinion of this album:

01 – Derniére danse

The first song of the album was also its first single… and what a BANG!!: its whole combination of outstanding mix of eastern and western music influences and its suffering lyrics about a girl and her lonely soul in a constantly moving world (the video gives another meaning to the lyrics as it connects the person’s suffering soul with a “end of the world”-like catastrophy throughout Parismakes it an ultra standout from the album – and that was only the begining. What a wonderful start…

02 – Tourner dans le vide

Coming up next is what became the second released single of the album, a quite catchier moment in a darker context as the lyrics describe a love relationship from which the people wrongly judge and make fun of. And the awesomeness parade doesn’t stop: first, its entrancing beat is beyond effective – second, there’s a great deal of power within the sorrow that’s displayed on the singer’s wonderful vocals – and last but not least, the lyrics are intensely romantic with a sense of neo-realism in between. The videoclip especially made for it certainly is a grand compliment to the song

03 – Love story

And we’re coming to the first ballad (or slow song, if you’d like to call it that way) from the album, set to a contemporary arranged waltz-like sound and a set of neo-realistic lyrics about a couple’s love story. A more fragile entry compared to the first two songs, but there’s a unique tenderness to it which doesn’t feel like it’s unremarkable – sensisibly a good production

04 – S.O.S.

The third single of the album is more of a mid-tempo track than the album’s first two single releases (and also from the album’s third song), but it’s equally charming and dreamy on its catchy melody and its mind-blowing arrangements. The lyrical comparsion between people and nature as described on the song’s verses complements it to a bigger degree. Certainly another stand out…

05 – Comme un bateau

An adventure by the sea is the theme of the forthcoming, all set to a percussion-wide middle eastern flavoured sounding music. From all the tracks of this album, this gives me a Kate Bush kind of feeling the most: musically, it’s a bit surrealistic – but it flows pretty with its lyrics. An exquisite entry to be sure

06 – Run, run

Mentioned to be the fourth single to come from the album, the song tackles the story of an ambitious person who wants more than it can get and runs for it (eventhough the end won’t always be pleasant). Quite R’n’B-ish, with a few traces of reggae (its beat even makes me remind of Bob Marley‘s “Could you be loved?”, only that the latter is faster than “Run, run”), but still a good delight to one’s ears

07 – Ego

The struggle of a person to let go its “ego” is the main theme of the next track.  What I love on this song, besides the lyrics, is without a doubt the chorus with all its arranged greatness. Certainly isn’t one of the best songs from the album in my opinion, but it’s mesmerizing enough

08 – Boite en argent

Next is a atmospherical song whose story embodies the vision of a girl with a secret in a money pot and the fact that she still awaits for her lover that left her to go somewhere else. Certainly poetic on both accounts and a brilliant showcase for Indila‘s smooth vocals in a slow track

09 – Tu ne m’entends pas

Misunderstandings, confusions, oblivion and despairs: it’s the lyrics’ main state of the before-to-last track of the album as we’re going all unplugged-like, music-wise. A good song, but certainly isn’t as marvelous as some of the songs from the album. At least, I like the enchanting good feeling-like sound – it creates an opposite attraction with the lyrics’ pessimism

10 – Mini world

The album’s title, as noted, came from its last song (curiously enough, it’s also the longest track from the album) – as the lyrics reflect the theme of  humanity in what she calls the “mini world”. At first, one could think it’s nothing but a slow mid-tempo track – but there’s a lot of emotion that explodes throughout the song and all the credit goes Indila‘s wonderful vocal range that concieves gives several kinds of feelings that aren’t really easy to transmit. Overall, a nice finish

FINAL NOTE: 10/10 (overall: one of the best albums of the year)

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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