FIFA World Cup 2014


First of all, I’m not really a big football fan – but there are at least two competitions of its kind I quite follow every two years: the UEFA Euro championship and the FIFA World Cup. This year, it was the latter’s turn – more precisely in the land of Carnival… and worldwide football (afterall, they are still the record holders for most wins in the history of FIFA World Cup): Brazil

This opinion will be divided into three parts – the opening ceremony (aka. first day of competition), the games and trivias (an overall highlight view of the competition) and the ending ceremony before the final game. So, here we go:

Opening Ceremony: It did start well with a display of colorful dancing relating Brazil and their World Cup importance – but, after that, it entered in a complete chaos: utterly disapointing performance from Jennifer Lopez, terrible showing from Pitbull and forgettable showcase from Cláudia Leitte‘s part as they were singing the FIFA World Cup 2014‘s official theme, “We are one (Olé, olá)” (by the way I’m not really in love with the song… but  I didn’t think it was bad at all). I wouldn’t blame the fact they were struggling to be heard on the stage due to the amount noise, but it was noticeable they weren’t in their best…

Games and Trivias: Overall, there were some wonderful games, some pretty good ones… and some shocking ones – as well as positively and negatively shocking trivia. As an example, I could mention the match between The Netherlands x Spain during the group round in which the former beat the World Cup 2010 champions by 5-1; Brazil x Chile in the 1/16 finals that ended in the penalty shooting round or the most famous game of the edition… Germany x Brazil – a game to remember as the former beat the hosts by… a shocking result: 7-1 – so shocking that it became known as “Minerazo”. As for trivia: Algeria finally went through to the next round of a World Cup edition – 1/16 finals –  after almost achieving it back in 1982; Costa Rica got their best WC ever as they got as far as the quarter-finals; Greece got also their great sucess by reaching the 1/16 finals… and the shocking end of Brazil‘s road in the WC

Ending Ceremony: Leaps better from the opening ceremony, Shakira was giving her all with the secondary theme of the competition: “Dare (La, la, la)”, accompained by Wyclef Jean, brazilian singer Alexandre Pires and legendary instrumentalist Carlos Santana – all power and exquiste at the same time. Why wasn’t this the main theme of this edition of World Cup?

Overall, a quite entertaining event with suprises/non-suprises and, in some cases, lots of drama and action

A last video gift – the ending ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2014:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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