ESC 2014: My opinion about the 2nd Semi-Final



Still enjoying ESC 2014 after yesterday:  the opening act (modern dancing under the sound of Jacob Gade‘s 1926 musical piece “Jalousie “Tango Tzigane”) was exciting to watch, the graphics and the postcards were still on the right point, the stage was still incredible (even the camera work was sublime on some of the entries, namely Austria and Greece)And once again, all the participants had decent to unique performances, which isn’t always that common (usually there’d be at least one or two who’d really fail to deliever a good performance). I had also much fun with the last interval act when the 25 highest voted people in the ESC 2014 online dancing competition were together dancing (some were pretty good, some others… were for comic relief). Once again, I toss my hat to DR for their amazing work in this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (hoping the final show will be extraordinary)

Like in every ESC edition, there are flaws – but, like Tuesday, are minor: the presenters aren’t still unforgettable (they do their job well, though – and the greenroom interviews are quite funny). And one of the interval acts ended with a bad note: everything was going well with the australian act… until the moment Jessica Mauboy stepped up and sung “Sea of flags” in a rather shamefull off-key way…

From my predicition, I got 8 out of 10 (also like last year, I think), missing Austria and Slovenia (I had Israel and Ireland). On my personal taste, I had quite a few songs I loved to see in the final again and they did: Romania with their dance entry, Norway with their intimistic ballad… and especially Austria, who – by the way – gave the showstopping performance of the semi. The only surprise for me, in a lesser extent, was Slovenia (seemingly a country without much neighbours, but proving that with a very good song and a confident performance, anything is possible). A pity I won’t see Macedonia in the final – and especially Israel, who had a powerful dance-pop entry with a good vocal performance

Yesterday, the draw was revealed a few hours after the 2nd Semi-Final‘s press conference had ended… so, here it is:

01: Ukraine
02: Belarus
03: Azerbaijan
04: Iceland
05: Norway
06: Romania
07: Armenia
08: Montenegro
09: Poland
10: Greece
11: Austria
12: Germany
13: Sweden
14: France
15: Russia
16: Italy
17: Slovenia
18: Finland
19: Spain
20: Switzerland
21: Hungary
22: Malta
23: Denmark
24: The Netherlands
25: San Marino
26: United Kingdom

Meanwhile, here’s the results moment once again (as shown in The Netherlands by Nederland 1 (Éen):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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