ESC 2014: My opinion about the 1st Semi-Final



Yesterday, I can say I loved watching the show:  the opening act (Emmelie de Forest singing “Only teardrops” with a european choir of normal people, backing singers, etc…) was sweet, the graphics (eventhough pretty similiar from last year’s graphics) were totally precise and beautiful to see, the postcards were really effective, the stage was incredibly tremendous…. Even all the participants had good to unique performances, which is quite rare (usually there’d be at least one or two who’d really fail to deliever a good performance). Overall, a good job from DR (leaps better than the last time they hosted an ESC edition back in 2001)

The flaws were only minor: while the presenters did a good job, they weren’t as memorable as Petra Mede was last year – well, not yet. And the interval act, eventhough seemingly electric with an original approach to Hans Christian Andersen‘s “The Ugly Duckling”, made partially by Bent Fabric and sung partially by Mike Sheridan (I liked the music, by the way), didn’t attract me enough as a whole. And a not so good moment during the qualifiers announcement: Russia being booed by the audience… I really don’t think the artists deserved to get booed

From my predicition, I got 7 out of 10 (just like last year), missing Montenegro, San Marino and Iceland (I had Estonia, Belgium and Moldova). On my personal taste, I had only one song from my overall ESC 2014 top-10 that I wanted to see qualify for the final… and it did happen: so happy Sweden did it. Also totally happy to see Montenegro qualify for the first time ever (as an independent country): without a doubt a magical performance. The biggest suprises, though, were San Marino and Iceland qualifiying for the final: both weren’t thought to have quite a chance… and yet, they surpassed all odds. By the way – to San Marino: tanti auguri, Valentina, for giving your country’s very first qualification to the final – being persistent really paid off

Like last year, the draw will only be revealed just after the end of the 2nd Semi-Final… so, we’ll just have to wait until then

Meanwhile, here’s the results moment once again (as shown in The Netherlands by Nederland 1 (Éen):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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