Nos années Récré A2 – 1978-1988 (2013)




To commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the blog I created, here’s a special post:

I went to France from Sunday, 16th March 2014 to Sunday, 23th March 2014 and something grabbed my attention from the get go (actually, before the trip I made – it seemed like a perfect opportunity to buy the book before it’d entirely disappear from sales): “Nos années Récré A2”, made by Sébastien Carletti and released officially in 2nd October 2013 by Flammarion

With 240 pages, the title of the book correlates with the children show seen in France 2 (back then Antenne 2) from 3rd July 1978 to 29th June 1988 created by Jacqueline Joubert (former continuity speaker and presenter who was, at the time, Antenne 2‘s head of children programming (the Eurovision Song Contest fans might remember her as the presenter of the 1959 and 1961 editions held in Cannes) and presented by several people – the most important of them all being Dorothée (at the time, a continuity speaker and presenter for the channel). More about the show that inspired the book can be found on this link:


The book itself is divided into the 10 years the show was on air. Although there’s a big focus on “Récré A2” and on the channel it was transmitted (Antenne 2), the other avaiable french channels (TF1, FR3 (nowadays France 3 since 1992), Canal + (since 1984), La Cinq (since 1986) and M6 (since 1987) also have a good amount of importance as we get to know the several series (both animated and live action ones) and children shows transmitted in France by chronological order (not only by year but also by season (meaning Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) back then in those channels

There’s also a second division in the book: several animated series, live action series and children programs have a page or two extensively dedicated to them (on some of these, there’s even a resume of the last episode for those who missed it), while other series are only mentioned as a resume in some paralel sections resuming the rest of the programing for the channels already referred in the previous paragraph

Throughout the book, we see a two page spread dedicated to the Christmas programming in each channel at the end of each year’s sequence


My opinion: it’s perhaps one of the best culture history books I’ve ever read in a long time (at least not since “LX60” (about life in Portugal back in the 60’s). All colourful and detailed in all its grandeur, with a large world of knowledge and trivias concerning the children TV programming in France back in what’s considered the first golden age of its kind (19781988)

Although there ain’t any existent flaws in the book, there’s always a sensation of wanting a bit more than 240 pages as there are a good bunch of series that also had a big sucess and that should have got a page or two on their own (especially in the later years (1986 to 1988). Not that it bothers me, though, as it’s not an obstacle for me to keep on reading the book over and over again

All in all, a book totally recommended to the television history fans (but also to the anime fans, non-anime fans, sentai fans, etc…). Hoping the creator of the book does think of a sequel of some sort one day, this time revisiting the second golden age of the french children TV programming, fronted by the highly famous french children show from 1987 to 1997 (“Club Dorothée” from TF1 . I could even imagine the book as “Nos années Club Dorothée – 1987-1997”)

As a last treat, here’s a Youtube promo for the book:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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