Ferrero Rocher (1982-present)


As we’re getting closer to Christmas, here’s what’s usually one of my guilty pleasures of each year’s season (pratically, since I was a child) – as well as the first non mass-media topic of my blog (although it still has some afinity with the mass-media due to its highly tongue and cheek famous TV commercials): Ferrero Rocher

Created and introduced in 1982 by chocolate manufacteur company Ferrero SpA., it consists of – as it says in the official website of Ferrero – “delicious layers of crispy wafer and hazelnut, covered in milk chocolate and dressed in sparkling gold”. More about it in on their official site and also

This became a seminal classic for me in each and every Christmas (well, most of them): it just is like a heavenly delight of that jelly chocolate softness and the wafer crispness that you can’t resist long enough… after you taste it and savour it, you feel something “royal” in it

As said before in the begining of this post, the paper magazine and TV commercials of the same brand stayed completely in my mind (the most transmitted one featured a young, beautiful and well-dressed high society woman asking for a Ferrero Rocher to her “chauffeur”. A precious TV childhood memory for me) 

All in all, a childhood sweetness that, to this day, still has a place in my heart… and, maybe, beyond that

As last treat, some of its famous TV-commercials (a recent one in english… and a famous 90’s one in portuguese):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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