Korni – Etida (ESC Yugoslav NF 1973)


After Adelén and her “Bombo”, I decided to do a double post concerning ESC NF entries. This time, we’ll go 40 years backward in time and talk about the progressive rock entry “Etida”, sung by Korni and made in 1973 by one of its members: Kornelije Kovač

Before moving on with the song, a general summary of the preselection: known as “Festival Opatija ’73” (remembering that this wasn’t yet “Jugovizija” like in Yugoslavia‘ last years in ESC), it was divided into two phases – the first one consisted of two semifinals in which the 12 finalist entries would be chosen by a jury of 40 people. In the final round, presented by seasoned presenter and, at the time, yugoslav commentator for the croatian part, Oliver Mlakar (who would go on to present the ESC 1990 edition with fellow presenter and the spokesperson of the yugoslav votes for a couple of years, Helga Vlahović), the chosen one to represent Yugoslavia in ESC 1973, by a jury of 40 people who ranked each song from 1 to 9 points, was Zdravko Čolić with the power catchy ballad “Gori vatra”

Now, let’s move on to the song I’m going to give an opinion from. In those years, rock music was rarely heard in ESC (if almost non-existant, since pop music and ballads were back then the contest’s “kings of the world / formulas to win”), not to mention its sub-genres and when such songs pop up all of a sudden, they seem like out of place for ESC itself and we fear the worst. “Etida”, though, is a progressive rock marvel to be discovered: from its  instrumental harmony to its powerful arrangement and from its unique display of vocal emotion to its unique lyrics that compare the narrator’s passion for a girl with an étude ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89tude ) . Overall, a curious and daring musical gem from the entries that didn’t win the ESC NF‘s, eventhough not as daring lyrically as “Generacija’ 42 (Moja generacija)”, their ESC 1974 entry, was (I dunno it would do well in 1973 at all… but then again, they were closer of a top-10 with their 1974 entry, so we’ll never know what could have really happen)

(Since there’s no video or audio footage of their live performance in the NF, I can’t fully say anything about that matter. As compensation, I’ll post the beautiful lyrics of this entry):

Plove u tišini neke davne misli
Vraćaju me danima dok sam bio dete
I divio se beskrajno čudesnim zvucima
Njene mlade duše

Devojka je svirala najlepšu etidu
Danima u tamnoj sobi za klavirom
U zanosu te muzike proleće prodje
Tužna jesen dodje

Bila su dobra vremena dok sam tajno voleo
I zamišljao je kako poljem sama ide
Lice joj bledo a tanak joj struk
U travi je na mom dlanu zaspala

Bila su dobra vremena dok sam tajno voleo
Dok sam svaku reć iz njenih usta žedno pio
Noči u radu a dani u snu
U sobi za klavirom sedim sam bez nje

The group, months after their participation at ESC 1974, officially disbanded on 1st December 1974. But some of its members still work in the music business to this day and their music when they were a group still lives on (for example, several compiliations of their work have been released after the end of the group)

Last treat – the B-side of the “Etida” single, “Jedna žena”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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