Adelén – Bombo (ESC Norwegian NF 2013)


It’s been a long time since I didn’t do a post concerning ESC NF songs. But I’m going to do it twice in a row, starting with the dance music entry with latin tinged influences “Bombo”, sung by Adelén and made in 2013 by Ina Wroldsen, Quiz & Larossi

Before moving on with the song, a general summary of the preselection: the annual “Melodi Grand Prix”, hosted by Jenny Skavlan & Erik Solbakken for the 2013 edition, was divided into two phases: the three semifinals in which the top-3 of each semi (chosen by televoting) would qualify for the final + an “expert jury” would decide which of the songs that didn’t qualify for the final directly would get another chance and then the final. The result procedure is also different there: the first voting round (100% televoting) chooses the top-4, while the second and last voting round (3 regional juries + televoting) gives us the final ouctome. And in the end, the chosen one to represent Norway in ESC 2013 was the favourite to win the preselection, according to polls and betting odds: Margaret Berger and her midtempo electro-pop entry “I feed you my love”

Now, moving on to the song I’m going to give an opinion from (one that was also a favourite to win the NF), there’s no doubt this has become my guilty pleasure of the ESC 2013 NF season : normally I’d just think of it as a nice dance track without much substance (but totally ready to become a summer hit, indeed). I don’t know why, but it sticks to your ear and it doesn’t get out of our minds that easily – its nostalgic sound beneath the instrumental, its “joie de vivre” and its catchy and easy going lyrics makes it all worthwhile

The performance in the NF (her semifinal performance can be seen on the video below this paragraph. I couldn’t find her performance in the final, but I saw it as well) is impressive in some ways and disapointing in others. Visually, there ain’t any problems to point out since its quite ideal for a song of its kind. Vocally, however, is not as great in the studio: being a demanding song both visually and vocally, I’d get why she had a couple of faults on that category. But it’s still forgivable as her cheerfull personality shines through her performances. In my opinion, Adelén would do well in ESC 2013 with the right amount of hype (maybe a top-10 in the final (the very least), but that wouldn’t be enough to do what Margaret Berger did: top-5)

It’s still soon to say if Adelén will become a big name in her native country, Norway, or will become big worldwide (well, at least that’s what Simon Fuller (the creator of Pop Idol) is willing to try as she currently accepted his record deal) in the upcoming years. In another words: time will tell if she can become a sucessfull name for years to come or not

Last treat – an acoustic performance of the song:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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