Os filhos do Zip-Zip (2013)



As seen on my previous posts about books, some of those I love are history and general culture books. And the one I’m going to give an opinion for is no exception to the rule: “Os filhos do Zip-Zip”, released in March 2013, launched by publishing book editor company A Esfera dos Livros and written by journalist and historian consultant Helena Matos

Unlike other books of its genre, it gets less focused on a mix of narrative and images (there’s only about 32 colorful pages out of a 360 page book (eventhough there’s also images in the non-colorful images), but it’s likewise a narrated book about the last years of portuguese dictatorship (19691974. Note about the last words of the book’s title: “Zip-Zip” was a TV programme transmitted every Monday from 24th May 1969 to 29th December 1969. The very first talk-show program made in Portugal, it forever marked several generations for its sheer inovativeness, for its out-of-the-box comedy sketchs, for its showcase of new talents in the portuguese music and for breaking some tabus, etc…)

The book is divided into six parts as summarized:

Part I: the city life and its positive sides: shopping, etc…

Part II: the down sides of living in the city: lack of food in survival times due to expenses, etc… + the continuation of the Colonial War + the TV times

Part III: the women of those years

Part IV: the youth of those years + the music and the Vilar de Mouros festival (considered by many the portuguese take on the Woodstock festival… with less freedom, though)

Part V: the “space exploration” craze after USA‘s landing on the Moon feat + the mysterious lands + the growing industry of those years

Part VI: the politics of those years

My opinion: it’s quite a informative and yet opinated book that recalls the author’s generation in a certain critical point of view with a number of astonishing historical sources, but compared with other general culture books, this seems to be a bit of a disapointement in some terms, mostly in terms of visual look on the pages

Still, there are some interesting articles (like the ones about the television or the colorful pages, full of magazine images and ad prints) and that’s why I’d reccomend it anyway for those who like to read books in any kind of way

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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