ESC 2013: The split televoting and jury results of the semi-finals and the final



Like last year, I was caught by suprise – just a few hours before going to bed – when the split 50/50 voting results of the televote and jury suddenly appeared yesterday (since 2009 that it’s done (in the case of the semi finals, since its voting introduction in 2010) and in all times it’s not known when to expect them)

In a way and to just give a conclusion to the ESC 2013 season, I’ll give my opinion about those results and then a general opinion of them in the end (note: this year, the voting procedure had changed. This year, they were given full rankings instead of just the combined top-10). First, we’ll go to the semi-finals results



Perhaps it’s not really suprising that Denmark was the favourite for both televoting and jury (and at a short advantage from a country ot two in both televote and jury), but it was not that suprising to see Montenegro doing pretty well with the televoting and sinking a lot with the jury (I still believe, with the split results revealed, the songs of that modern calibre (songs that much are for dancing than for substance combined), like France 2010, Norway 2011 and Austria 2012, don’t have much chances at doing well with the jury). Also expected was the last place for Slovenia on both jury and televoting: the performance wasn’t really good and it only led to that result…

However, I was suprised by the fact that Belarus did that good with the jury, while seeing as well that Belgium outscored The Netherlands on both accounts. Also quite suprised to see Austria pretty high with the jury (I’d believe the juries would help Austria a bit more, but I surely didn’t expect that 5th place. A pity it did so poorly with the televoting)



No suprise that, for example, Azerbaijan would be in the top-3 on both televoting and jury, while Norway would be in the top-5 with both. Also not surpised to see more evidences as to why Israel became the “Vida minha” (Portugal 2012) of 2013, but having a different catch to it: the juries were more fond of the song (lower part of top-10) than the televoting (almost bottom-3). Latvia got really what deserved for a average song and a performance that wasn’t really special (trying to make the audience cheer for you doesn’t mean getting votes at times)

For suprises now: we have different winners on both sides – while we have Malta topping the jury results (how this got such a result?), Romania suprisingly topped the televoting (for a song that was totally hated by ESC fans in general, this is much more than what was expected). Suprised as well to see Finland higher with the jury than with the televoting, while Bulgaria did much better with the televoting than with the jury (for the latter, I didn’t think it would be dead last from their part)

But the strangest suprise (not a positive one, in my opinion) is reserved to Switzerland who did totally well when it came to the televoting… perhaps too well for a song and a performance that weren’t really special. I just have to say a few words about that: thank you, juries, for stopping them from qualifiying to the final



Denmark and Azerbaijan was the fight of this year’s ESC edition. No doubts about that as Denmark seemingly was the favourite of both jury and televote (eventhough not completely obvious, seeing the average rank of both results), while Azerbaijan got into both’s top-3 results. Not suprising to see Sweden in the top-5 of the jury voting (well, it won the international jury voting of Melodifestivalen 2013, that’s why it’s not that suprising for me)

A few suprises on the double: like last year, France and Italy did much better with the jury than with the televoting; in a change of flow, The Netherlands outscored Belgium on both accounts (different from what happened in the semi they were in); Malta had the same placing on both accounts (differently from what happened in the semi it was in); Sweden did much worse on the televoting than expected (the jury result was expectable, but the televoting result… I don’t know… but glad . There were much better songs in Melodifestivalen 2013 that could have done better in ESC 2013 than “You”and Hungary doing much worse with the jury than with the televoting (I thought this was a song the jury would like as well or more than the televoting)

One strange thing: Spain was the last on both results and yet it wasn’t last in the combined 50/50 results, while Ireland didn’t do that bad in the televoting and was only 4th last in the jury and still this was the song that came last on the same combined results

So, once again this only proved that the 50/50 voting is still the fairest way of voting, giving the best of both worlds and the best thing EBU introduced for both ESC and jESC, as the televoting and the jury separately do have some obviousity themselves. It’s, of course, hard to please everyone, especially on the personal tastes case (some prefer jury only, others prefer televoting only and some prefer 50/50, the latter being my case. And some would think a song deserved more than the other, etc…)

One more thing before ending my posts about ESC 2013 – relive the final voting with the BBC One commentary provided by Graham Norton:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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