Atual (from the weekly newspaper “Expresso”) – “50 séries que toda a gente deve ver” (23 to 30/03/2013)



A very peculiar magazine that I’m showing you comes from the weekly newspaper Expresso: “Atual”, the mass-media and cultural magazine. On one of its editions from 23th to 30th March 2013, a 14-page article written by Alexandra Carita, António Loja Neves, Francisco Ferreira, Jorge Leitão Ramos and Vasco Baptista Marques stood out: “50 séries que toda a gente deve ver”

As the title says, the objective of the article was to choose, according to several methods and paterns, the 50 TV-series that stand out the most: from its cinematographic quality to the original screenplay and from the hability to change our point of views on watching TV as well as the impact they created in Portugal (and in some cases, worldwide), as also trying to include all genres and eras (two exceptions: the oldest series included in the list, “Les vampires”, shown at cinemas back in 1915, a time when television had not been invented and “Shoah”, a film documentary that was seen in a few countries as a TV-series before being in the cinemas back in 1985)

An example of a series’ review in the magazine’s article:


Almost all the series got a critique of this size, exception made to five of them (in order of the years that were first seen in their native country: Scener ur ett äktenskap”, “Berlin Alexanderplatz”, “Twin Peaks”, “24” and “A Game of Thrones”) that got a more expansive critique

Here’s the list of “the 50 TV-series that everyone must see“, according to the critics in that article:


Reproducing the list, but with their original titles:

All in all, a highly ecletic list with some interesting series from various countries and also with thoughtfull points of view from the six journalists who wrote this article, without missing much detail about each series’ artistic and technical attributes

Just a pity that other series that also fit the criterias established on the article weren’t there like “The Flinstones” (USA, 19601966), “Bewitched” (USA, 19641972), “All in the Family” (USA, 19711979), “Happy Days” (USA, 19741984), “Holocaust” (USA, 1978),  “Malu Mulher” (Brazil, 19791980), “Verano azul” (Spain, 19811982), “27 Jump Street” (USA, 19871992), etc…. and then, they could have compiled them and much more into a bigger list of, let’s say, the 100 TV-series that everyone must see

I’d reccomend this list to television-goers and to the ones that like to watch TV-series the most, even if you don’t like some of the series from the list

As last treat, here’s an excerpt of one of the two series from Portugal that made it to the list (taken from a documentary about the portuguese cinema):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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