ESC 2013: My opinion about the 1st Semi-Final



Yesterday, I can say I loved watching the show:  the opening act (Loreen and a total of almost 60 children from different schools performing “Euphoria”, including the sign language moments) was thoughtfull, the graphics were slick and gorgeous, the stage was quite effective, Lynda Woodruff (Sarah Dawn Finer)’s appearance was funny, etc…. A tender moment happened before the revelation of the final qualifer when the audience on the stage was screaming for The Netherlands endlessly (a cute moment, I’d say). Total kudos to Petra Mede who has “fandabidozi-ly” presented the show with her allmight wisdom: it totally reminded me why I liked watching her present the 2009 edition of Melodifestivalen. Overall, SVT has done an amazing job

The flaws were only minor: the interval act wasn’t bad, but it didn’t get my interest (eventhough it was well choreographed and the song made Kleerup was dreamy) and the fact that Petra‘s british accent was not as flawless as it could be (I could notice her native swedish accent a bit at times. But that’s one flaw that doesn’t bother me much anyway). In terms of performance, I’d say Slovenia had the worst vocal performance of the night: she was vocally out of tune at times

From my predicition, I got 7 out of 10, missing Lithuania, Belarus and Belgium (I had Austria, Montenegro and Serbia). On my personal taste, Belarus was the one country that didn’t deserve to be the final (it’s nice, but it’s like a cocktail of previous ethnopop songs that reached their zénith from 2003 to 2005… and not in a good cocktail way) and I was suprised about Lithuania qualifiying (I thought they were unlikely to qualify. Glad they did) and Belgium (… meanwhile, I’m quite sad I won’t see Serbia in the final (they did a good job with the song during the performance. By the way, I’m also shocked by the fact that there’s a possibility we won’t see a ex-Yu country in the final this year since… 1985 (when Yugoslavia was still one country). Macedonia is the only one left and things are not looking good for them)

Unlike previous years, the draw will only be revealed just after the end of the 2nd Semi-Final… so, we’ll just have to wait until then

Meanwhile, here’s the results moment once again:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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