Busou Shinki Moon Angel (2011-2012)



Back to the anime departement for one more series to get an opinion for me. And also coming from an originally created series to a promote a toyline in Japan that was created in the mid-2000’s. Talking about “Busou Shinki Moon Angel”, produced by Kinema Citrus, directed by Masayuki Kojima and originally seen from 22th September 2011 to 26th January 2012 as a ONA (original net animation. It later got a Blu-Ray edition in March 2012)


General plot: the story mirrors the relationship of a boy, Tsubasa, and a “shinki” (tall figure robots meant for combat)Arnval Mk. 2. Tsubasa is a transfer student who has a hard time in making new friendships, eventhough he tries and wishes to have a “shinki”, thus becoming a “shinki” master just like his colleagues wish it so. One evening, he finds a damaged “shinki” wandering in a tree and reflected by the moon

After being repaired, she is named by Tsubasa as Kaguya (a reference from “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter” and the story of Princess Kaguya). From then on, a bond between them is formed


However, things were bound to get dangerous: during a official fight, Kaguya is suddenly out of control and the truth surfaces: as told to Kaguya by Strarf Mk.2 and to Tsubasa by “shinki” shop owner, Ken, she’s an autonomous “shinki” combat robot that is used by cientists as an experiment in order to create weapons. The next thing we know, both Ken and Tsubasa go to  the same place she escaped earlier in the begining of the ONA and find her when she went berserk (this after the scientists tried to erase her data)


The final showdown, though, is between Kaguya and the giant robot model created by the scientists known as Athena (with Strarf Mk.2 as her CSC in order to not be out of control). The rest… well, it’s better to watch it in order to not give more spoilers


My opinion: the story, eventhough the concept of a “shinki” is a novelty, is a bit typical for the “robot” genre with its own dosis of fightings. The focus, for me, is the lovely and tender relationship between a human, Tsubasa, and a combat robot, Kaguya: it was strong and so beautifully handled

The animation is great, with especially attention to the fighting scenes, while the music complements well with the animation and the story. Kudos, by the way, to Marina Inoue and to Kana Asumi for putting her voices into the characters of Tsubasa and Kaguya respectively. In addition to Tsubasa, Marina also voiced the giant combat robot Athena – an additional kudos to her

All in all, a good ONA and totally reccomended to the fans of the animated series that feature any sort or influences on “robots”

A last treat:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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