RTP – I Programa (28/08/1968)


time for television and for another TV schedule of RTP 1, the only portuguese channel transmitted at the time (RTP 2 would only be on air few months later). And we go more backwards than ever, as we discover the schedule of Sunday, 25th January 1968. A note: RTP 1 was known as I (Primeiro) Programa back then:

12:30: Missa de Domingo (since it’s Sunday, the programming always started with religion on a church somewhere in Portugal (on that day, it was held in Campo Grande, Lisbon at the Capela de S. Vicente de Paulo). This still exists as Eucaristia Dominical (Dominical Eucharist) on RTP 1, although it has been transmitted on RTP 2 for a handful of years in the 90’s and in the 2000’s)

13:10: Dia do Senhor (religious program. If I’m not wrong, a representant of the church would be talking about religious issues and news. On that day, it was presented by Rev. Father Dr. Francisco Videira Pires)

13:35Fecho (it’s closedown time for the 1st period of programming, something very common those days. We’d have to look forward to the mid 80’s to see these separate programming periods one last time)

18:00: TV Educativa (the 2nd period of programming would start that day with this educational program. On week days, the educational programs, known as TV School, were transmitted always during the afternoon for several hours. On weekends, this only happens in less than an hour. On that day, it would be time for gymnastics (children)

18:25: Desenhos animados (animated series section. Normally, short animated features were transmitted in here, like those from Hanna Barbera, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, etc…)

18:55: Passatempo infantil (children program. In a way, more of the same: from animated features to games and stories)

19:30: Telejornal (1ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 1st edition of the main news bulletin)

19:55Folclore (music program in which the main focus is to show the traditional folklore music and dances of Portugal)

20:25: Enciclopédia do mar (somehow, it seems to be a documentary program about the sea)

21:20: Filme infantil (animated series section. The series to be transmitted day was “Carrocel mágico” aka. “La manège enchanté”. From the original french version transmitted on ORTF, the weekly 5-minute long stop motion-animation series was centered on the lives of the habitants (humans, animals, strange creatures, etc…) in a magical village with a magic roundabout, hence the title of the series. First transmitted here in 1966, it soon became a big succes with children. Note: according to sources, this was actually the very first foreign animated series to be dubbed in Portugal)

21:30: Telejornal (2ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 2nd edition of the main news bulletin and also the longest one – therefore, the most important one)

21:55TV Clube (music talk-show. On that day, Madalena Iglésias (who represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 1966) was the star of the show. Jorge Costa Pinto (who would be the portuguese conductor in the Eurovision Song Contest 1971) and his orquestra were also invited guests)

22:25: Os aldrabões (original title: “The Rouges”. Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, the crime action series (originally transmitted on NBC (U.S.A.) between 1964 and 1965) had as premise three former conmen (interpreted by movie legends Charles Boyer, David Niven and Gig Young) who could be persuaded to trick a very wealthy and very unscrupulous mark, if the price would serve them right Gladys Cooper and Robert Coote also starred in the series as Auntie Margaret and Timmy respectively. On that day, the 25th episode called “The pigeons of Paris” was transmitted (translated in here as “A boneca com voz de homen” (“A doll with a man’s voice”) and had future Bond girl, Jill St. John, as guest star)

23:20: Domingo desportivo (sports magazine on its 1st edition. In time, this would only be transmitted on sunday late evenings from the 80’s until its end in the 2000’s)

23:40: Telejornal (3ª edição) (main news bulletin. Back then, this was divided in several editions. This was the 3rd and last edition of the main news bulletin. After that, it’s closedown time)

(source: Flama) all rights reserved)

It’s always nice to see how could a schedule of only one channel could be so varied in those days and this certainly is an example of that variety in the late 60’s: from religious programming to sport, from animated series to documentaries and from music to series

As a last appetizer, here are some excerpts from “La manège enchanté” as telerecorded by RTP (they are what remains in their archives):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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