Sábado – n. 416 (19 to 25/04/2012)



A special edition of a magazine is the central discussion of this post: Sábado (a portuguese weekly news magazine at the likes of Time (USA weekly news magazine)‘s #416, printed and commercial released for the week of 19th to 25th April 2012, whose importance was to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the 1974 Carnational Revolution

For this week’s number, the most notable fact is that the normal graphics of the magazine were replaced by a reproduction of what could have been a magazine of that type in 1974

Eventhough a few articles were still about the latest news of the week of 2012, a big majority were about the 70’s: from trends to news, from comparsions with later decades in certain aspects to memories of famous names from the decade, from music to television etc…

As an example, I’ll post in here two scanned images of that week’s edition of the magazine of some of my favourite articles:


The first one is a comparsion between the 70’s and 2012 in economic terms: we find out that Portugal had the most expensive use of gasoline back in 1974, had the biggest average of people drinking in Europe back in 1972 and that the consume of electricity that reflects on the bill went up to 35% back in 1978. A few things, though, are the same on both times, such as the rising of the ticket prices to go to the subway, the consume of beef going down by 0,7% and the car sales going down by more than 20%


The second one talks about RTP‘s programming back in 1971, 1975 and 1979: one of the most important topics in the article were the fact that Isabel Wolmar, famous TV and radio presenter back then, commented one day during a 1971 edition of the news magazine “Telejornal” that the cue cards were “as long and boring as a beltfish”. It wasn’t supposed to be heard live, but as she forgot to turn off the microphone, the audience clearly heard her rant that night

The next one was 1975, in a time when Portugal ‘s newfound democracy was a recurring topic in the mass-media. In the day of the constituent assembly elections (25th April 1975), Carlos Cruz (presenter and director of RTP‘s programming at the time) said that, during the 36 hours he was in the TV studio before, during and after the preparations of the elections and the live transmission of the elections itself, he only went to the bathroom once

The last one is about 1979: Estrela Serrano, journalist and presenter of the regional news programme “Pais, pais”, has affirmed later on that she recieved a lot of letters from male fans and admirers, both passionate and also… pornographic. A big highlight in RTP 1‘s programming was also the original seen and made 1977 brazilian soap-opera, “O astro”, aired in Portugal from October 1978 to June 1979. So big, so big… that, in the last week of its transmission, RTP 2 created a four part debate show dedicated to it and to the impact of the brazilian soap-operas transmitted up to that point (“O astro” em debate”) presented by journalist Ricardo Pais and featuring as guests intelectual people such as Jaime Gama, Eduardo Prado Coelho and Maria Belo

In a way, a wonderful number of the weekly news magazine Sábado, recommended for those who like history (whether it’s general or whether it’s about a particular sectory) and general culture

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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