jESC 2012: My opinion about the show



It’s been almost a month since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 has ended. 12 countries participated in the 2012 edition of the contest held in Amesterdam, The Netherlands on Saturday, 1st December 2012

And it all started with a first act that, in the midst of dancing and instrumentalized music, included previous representant from The Netherlands in jESC 2011, Rachel, giving her own version of the ESC 2012 winning entry from Sweden (the one and only “Euphoria” sung originally by Loreen. And this comes to no suprise: the entry became a big (if not, tremendous) hit there (Loreen was even there several times for TV performances). It was a different approach, without a doubt, but certainly wasn’t powerless:

Then, the presenters of the evening came (Kim-Lian van der Meij (who had previously hosted the jESC 2007 in Rotterdam) and Ewout Genemans). Let’s say that they did their job as good as it was possible (Kim was much better in 2007)

As I commented the songs one by one in previous blog posts, I’d only say a overall opinion about the performances of the participating countries:

– The best performances of the evening were Russia and Ukraine (the latter was responsible for making me grow fonder of the entry). Powerful vocals and visual performances overall: a total package

– Great performances as well for Israel, Armenia and Georgia. Belgium and The Netherlands did a good job defending the songs and their clothing was totally hip and trendy.

– Belarus, Azerbaijan and Sweden were a bit shaky vocally at times, but their performances were not bad at all. The second country mentioned especially had a very promising visual performance

Moldova stroke me as a forgettable song that had… a forgettable performance. Albania, however, had the worst performance of the evening: it was going fine until halfway when she started to sound so out of tune

With all the songs being performanced, we’d have a series of interval acts: jESC 2009 winner, Ralf Mackenbach, sung one of his new songs, “This is the party”, with a “Click clack” taste at the begining. He really confirmed he has changed, especially on visual terms:

Then the jESC 2012 participants sung the especially made song for the event, “We can be heroes” (no similarity between the famous David Bowie song “Heroes?” from 1977 that even had those four words on the lyrics). Although in playback, it was quite enjoyable to watch:

The final interval act was Kim-Lian singing the other especially made song for the event, “Break the ice” (which was also the main motto of jESC 2012). Normally, catchy song of that type are totally demanding in terms of music and dancing, but she defended it well enough. I didn’t like her dress that much, though (I’m not really a fan of long sleeves but I usually don’t mind that when a dress/clothing piece is great on ESC/jESC nights. Kim‘s dress was not the case):

And finally we’d get to the results. One novelty on this edition: a 13th jury, composed by 12 childrens – one for each country – was implemented and their votes were the first ones to be announced in the midst of the interval acts (not counting the now traditional automatic 12 points to be given to all the participating countries that was first implemented in 2005)

There were a few funny and cute moments during the results:

Albania had a difficult time concerning its network connection (the red sign saying “signal loss detected…” appeared just before the spokesperson could even announce the 12 points). Kim-Lian‘s reaction to it is priceless…

– The suprising exchange of high points between Albania and Azerbaijan. Totally out of the blue (well, did I ever expected that to happen? No way)

– I thought as well that Georgia‘s spokepersons (Candy) gave us a synchornized cute final moment when they gave out the last 12 points of the evening

The winner in the end was Ukraine with the entry “Nebo”, sung by Anastasiya Petryk. As said before, it was a grower for me

Suprised by the high placings of Georgia (a entry I didn’t think was deserving of it. Not when they had better songs on their pipeline), Armenia (I didn’t thought it would get so high as it was mature and normally that doesn’t work in jESC. Glad I was wrong), Belgium (I was not expecting them to get into the top-5. Deserved) and Sweden (it was the only pure ballad of the night (and no, Ukraine doesn’t count as one), but I didn’t think it would stand out due to its maturity and the fact the performance was not that wonderful. The 6th place is now SVT‘s best placing in jESC, although it still didn’t beat the 3rd place that TV4 got in 2006)

Russia, eventhough on the top-5, deserved a bit more than just a 4th place. Israel and Azerbaijan were the underrated countries of this edition: powerful catchy songs that deserved much more than what they got

Well, that’s all from me about jESC 2012. But before finishing my opinion about jESC 2012, here’s the reprise of the winning entry:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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