RTP 1 and RTP 2 (04/06/1983)


one more schedule of RTP 1 and RTP 2 is about to be on discussion. So, we’re going fast forward to Saturday, 4th June 1983, a time of week (as well as Sunday) in which the schedule could do programming from morning till late evening (morning programing in weekdays had been attempted in 1982, but due to financial costs, it would be soon scrapped in 1983 after some months of showing. Therefore, we wouldn’t have morning programing until probably 1986):

10:00Tempo dos mais novos (1st part of this children program section. Between the programs to be transmitted that day were the japanese animated series “Mori no Yoki na Kobitotachi: Berufi to Rirubitto”, a adaptation series of “Jeanie with the light brown hair” (based on Stephen Foster‘s 1854 parlor song of the same name) and the brazilian live action series “O sitio do picapau amarelo”)

12:00Os cinco (original title: “The Famous Five”, adaptated from the book anthology of same name by writter Enid Blyton. The series in question was the 1978-1979 series that became highly sucessfull in here. Note that the series was repeating in the same channel as its first transmission in Portugal back in 1980)

12:30: Novos horizontes (solidary program about people in deficient conditions that lasted for many years (it was first seen on RTP 1, but then it was shifted to RTP 2) until some time recently. On that day, it was presented by Jaime Filipe)

13:00: Sumário (first news of the day (and most probably, summary of the schedule for the channel made by a on-vision continuity person) in 5 minutes. On weekdays, that’s when the regular programing really started in here)

13:10: Luculos e bróculos (cooking program (first started in late 70’s) presented by Michel Costa, already known in the portuguese cooking circles at the time)

13:35: Tempo dos mais novos (2nd and last part of this children program section. The japanese animated series in big relevance is “Wan wan sanjushi”, known here as “Dartacão e os três moscãoteiros” (and known internationally as “Dogtanian and the three muskehounds”), wildly sucessfull at the time and still a cult hit among all generations from that time to nowadays due to several repeats. Another program on that day was “A arte da banda desenhada”, a series of episodes about the art of making comic books)

14:40Ela por elas (lifestyle show for women presented by Margarida Mercês de Mello (then Margarida Andrade, a on-vision continuity announcer and presenter)

15:30Festa é festa (variety show created and presented by Júlio Isidro, one of the most iconic presenters in the history of the portuguese television. Before this, he had created a similiar and well remembered variety show from 1981 to 1983, “O passeio dos alegres”, where everything would happen, from games to music performances (from both rising stars to new talents, both national and international wide) and even transmission of a series or two during the transmission of the show)

18:30Espaço 1999 (original title: “Space: 1999”. Created by the same producers who created some of the most known series known as Supermarionation series (a form of marionette puppetry) such as “Stingray”, “Joe 90” or even “Thunderbirds”, the husband and wife duo Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the series in question was their third 100% live action series after “UFO” and “The Protectors”. And it was undoubtely their most famous (mostly in Europe, from which, apart from the United Kingdom, Portugal was and still is one of them), due to its premise: as seen on the first episode, a huge thermonuclear explosion on the Moon‘s surface (caused by dumping of nuclear waste) projected it out of orbit into interstellar space. Main actors: the husband and wife duo Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (known largely for their previous work together in “Mission: Impossible”) as chief commander of Moonbase Alpha, John Koenig and head doctor of the base, Helena Russell, respectively. Noting that this was actually a rerun as the 1st season (the season RTP was transmiting at the time) as it had already been seen in here between 1976 and 1977: this one also included canadian born, british based actor Barry Morse (also known as the Lt. Philip Gerard in the famed 60’s american series “The Fugitive”) as professor Victor Bergman, the scientific adviser of the base)

19:30Aqui e agora (at one point, there wasn’t a “Telejornal” edition on RTP 1 at weekends, from 1981 to 1983. But there were news magazines to fill that gap, like the one in question. The main purpose of the show is to look at the events of the week and also talking about the most relevant issues of that time. The presenter that day was journalist Hélder Freire)

21:00:  Allegro (a comic variety show created by César de Oliveira, directed by Manuel Oliveira by icon comedian actor Camilo de Oliveira who had already been a sucessfull star since the 60’s, but got a renewed fame thanks to his large participation in a previous famous comic variety show from 1981, “Sabadabadu”, with comedian actress legend Ivone Silva. Besides Camilo de Oliveira, other actors, some veterans and some newcomers, participated regularly in the show: Carlos Paulo, Miguel Guilherme, Luísa Barbosa and Artur Semedo, among others…)

22:00Dallas (The famous 19781991 primetime soap-opera that chronicles, in a vast array of events and happenings, the Ewing family saga, starring known actors such as Barbara Del Geddes (as Miss Ellie Ewing. The actress was movie star in the 40’s and 50’s with a Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination in 1949), Jim Davis (as Jock Ewing. The actor, a formerly actor who’d would pass away in 1981), Patrick Duffy (as Bobby Ewing. He already had the status of known actor thanks to his leading role in the 1977 series “The man from Atlantis”), Victoria Principal (as Pamela Barnes Ewing. It was this role that put Victoria into stardom, in a carrer that started in 1972 on both movies and television. Besides “Dallas”, she was also known for being in the 1974 disaster movie “Earthquake”, playing the secondary role of Rosa Amici) and Larry Hagman (as J.R. Ewing, Bobby‘s brother and the main antagonist. Already famous thanks to the 1965-1970 sitcom, “I dream of Jeanie”, “Dallas” meant to him a new degree of fame as his J.R. character grew in terms of importance, reaching ultimatively the status of “star of the show”. In the year before the debut of the series, he had shot a cameo appearance on “Superman: The Movie” as… a senior general). Also starring were Linda Gray (as Sue Ellen, J.R.‘s tormented wife), Steve Kanaly (as Ray Kreebs), Ken Kercheval (as Cliff Barnes, Pamela‘s brother) and Charlene Tilton (as promiscuous Lucy Ewing). The series was first seen in 1981 in Portugal and, despite some pauses of broadcasting with time, it became a enormous hit and also for years to come. After that, it’s closedown time)

14:00Troféu (sports magazine that covers an array of sport events throughout the afternoon to early evening, from football to basketball, athletics to rowing, etc…)

20:00Cabra cega: “As papoilas também são flores” (cinema program presented by José Manuel Barroso in which a movie would be presented. Sadly, I don’t have information about the movie for that day itself (but I hope find it out soon)

22:15Clube de Jazz (a music program about jazz, a genre that was also well regarded in the portuguese music (one of those examples is Maria João who became one of the most known portuguese singers of the genre since the begining of her carrer in the early 80’s)

(source: Diário de Lisboa all rights reserved)

A nice television schedule that we have here from 1983. A lot of series (“Space: 1999” is one of my favourite series ever. I especially love its 1st season with its philosophical issues inflicted into the story of each episode. among other topic discussions), shows, animated series and sports that were on store on those days, with the main showstopper being the soap-opera “Dallas”

Final treats – the opening of the animated series “Mori no Yoki na Kobitotachi: Berufi to Rirubitto” + the opening of “Dallas”‘s 3rd season:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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