jESC 2012: 09 Ukraine – Anastasiya Petryk – Nebo


It’s the continuation of my opinion regarding the 12 competing entries from the 12 participating countries of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which will be held in Amsterdam

The next country has been participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2006, but suprisingly they have yet to achieve a victory in jESC (while they already did win ESC once in 2004 with Ruslana and “Wild dances”): Ukraine

This year, Ukraine goes for a rather mid-tempo avantgarde artsy entry called “Nebo” (translated as “Sky”), sung by Anastasiya Petryk, who was also the author and composer of the entry. More about the band can be found on this page:

Now to the opinion of the song: while it’s not weird lyrically (a meditation for peace and love by looking at the sky), it is so musically: it’s even hard to tell what genre this entry is placed in, so I had to come with the terms that, in my opinion, it goes with the lines of avantgarde at the likes of Björk and the lines of art music at the likes of Kate Bush (we even had some Kate Bush influence visually on the ESC 2012 winning song from Sweden: Loreen with “Euphoria”). There are a few good parts in it, especially towards the end, but I don’t think it’s as awesome as some ESC (& jESC altogether, because there are some who are fans of both, like me) fans say it is. Still, tuning it down for the final version included in the jESC 2012 Official CD was a wise decision. Performance wise, from what I saw from the video, it might be a complete “wower”, but it can be fierce enough in the big stage. But will the song do well when it will come to the jESC 2012 results? We’ll see

Next stop will be Georgia, last edition’s winning country with the girl band Candy and the retro disco flavoured “Candy music”. Watch out for it…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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