LX60 (2012)


Taking a short pause of the jESC 2012 postings, I’ll be giving my opinion on a book (it’s been quite a long time since I made one). This time, the center of this post is all about a recently released book (October 2012 is the date release) that I bought and read recently. Talking about the much publicized and well applauded by several portuguese publications (magazines, newspapers…)“LX60”, made and concieved by journalist Joana Stichini Vilela and art designer Nick Mrozwski, as well as launched by publishing book editor company Dom Quixote

As it looks, the history/general culture book mirrors the events of the 1960’s decade in Portugal and especially in Lisbon, as the subtitle clearly states that “life in Lisbon was never/would never be the same” by the time the decade started, progressed and finished

A vast array of articles about music, politics, television, arts, fashion, sports, dec0ration, etc… is what makes the book bigger than life: for example, we find out the first rock concerts and contests made in here; the portuguese movie that broke boundaries and gave a new meaning to the portuguese cinema (called “Cinema novo português”); the glorious football (or soccer, as known in USA, Japan, etc…) journey of Portugal in the World Cup 1966, held in England; the story of the most known portuguese television critic of all times; the books that were forbidden by the censorship (Portugal was still in dictatorship times); the hard and difficult times of universities and of its students due to the freedom opression by the political government, the suprising results of the Eurovision Song Contest 1969 and the apotheosis of the portuguese people given to Simone de Oliveira… all in all, a mosaic of interesting topics (aided by the sources, the images and the interviews made for this book), describing well how life was in Lisbon

The first mention to the book I’ve noticed of was by television on October 2012: everything happened when I was watching a afternoon news bulletin, TVI 24 (news channel made by the 4th terrestrial channel, TVI) had Joana Stichini Vilela as a guest, mainly promoting the book. I became fascinated by it just by seeing the page examples shown in there and even more after I’ve seen the blog of the book, coming to the conclusion that I just have got to have it. By the way, here’s the link to find out more about the book: http://lx60.blogspot.pt/

And was I mesmerized. First of all, the feeling of the 60’s is very present from the get go with its hard front and back covers. When you touch the covers, you feel the inner silky and smooth cover skin. Then we see the fabric of the pages on the inside and you would notice their scent, very much like many books released of that time: smells like proper paper scent

Out with the human body senses, in with the content of book. Graphic wise, it’s vibrant and exciting, as if the book comes to life (great use of the font as it gives it the retro touch). Source and text wise, I knew the story, facts and personalities of some of the articles, but the personal approach (with the interviews) of the book makes it richer. And there’s events I didn’t know about like when was held the first rock concert, like the fact that Miss Portugal 1970, Ana Maria Lucas, was supposedly the first portuguese top-model to be signed for a international model agency, among other issues

All in all, totally recommended to especially those who like history very much and especially history from the 20th century. But anyone is welcomed to the recommendation as well

A final treat – the video publicity of the book:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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