jESC 2012: 07 Albania – Igzidora Gjeta – Kam një këngë vetëm per ju


It’s the continuation of my opinion regarding the 12 competing entries from the 12 participating countries of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which will be held in Amsterdam

The next country is the third and last of the three debuting countries in this edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest: Albania

A simple retro-catchy entry with a fusion of disco and rock called “Kam një këngë vetëm per ju” (translated as “I have a song only for you) is what Albania has to offer on their debut, sung by Igzidora Gjeta. The singer herself co-wrote the lyrics with Jorgo Papingji, while the music was made by Xhavit Ujkani. More about the singer can be found on this page:

Now to the opinion of the song: before the definitive studio version of this song released on the jESC 2012 Official CD, it wasn’t really a catchy entry and I thought it wasn’t really a stand out song. With the revamp (Albania is known to ESC fans as the “revamp” country. To say it more specifically: most of their entries, if not all of their ESC entries, after winning one more edition of the Festivali i Këngës, are usually revamped and, in my opinion, they get much better after that. Some more than others), it sounds quite better than previously heard. It still isn’t a stand out song, though, and it desperately needs a stand-out performance if they want to do well. Looking at the preview video, it doesn’t look promising

Next stop will be Armenia, a country that has been participating in jESC since 2007 and has won the 2010 edition. Watch out for it…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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