jESC 2012: 06 Israel – – Let the music win


It’s the continuation of my opinion regarding the 12 competing entries from the 12 participating countries of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which will be held in Amsterdam

The next country is the second of the three debuting countries in this edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest: Israel

A anthemic dance-pop entry with a ballad introduction called “Let the music win” (and sung in hebrew, with two lines in english and one in french and russian during the chorus) is what Israel is offering us on their debut, sung by one of only three groups to perform this year: (a group especially formed for the contest composed of 5 girls and one boy: Libi Panker, Adi Bity, Adel Korshov, Adi Mesilati, Tali Sorokin and Daniel Pruzansky). The song was made by the group themselves and by singer-songwriter Ohad Hitman who has two albums released and several hits made for other artists on his output. For more informations about the group, check out their biography in here:

Now to the opinion of the song: this is the other song that is tied with Russia for my #1 of my ranking of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012. I had quite high expectations for Israel‘s debut entry and I wasn’t disapointed: it’s obvious that the anthemic factor works very well on this song, from the inspirational lyrics reflecting the love for music to the well built construction of the melody in which we get a ballad section, a dance-pop section and even a dubstep interlude to give a different contrast to the song. One thing we don’t know yet is how it’s going to be performed live, both vocally and visually. It can be either sensational or either disastrous. According to sources, the singers seem to be some of the most well balanced young performers of country, so let’s hope they’ll have a great performance that will translate into a great result for a debuting country

Next stop will be Albania, the third and last of the three countries debuting in the jESC 2012 edition. Watch out for it…

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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