O romance da raposa (1988)


The animated series in discussion on this post is considered one of the first, if not the first full portuguese animated series ever made. Talking about the 1988 animated adaptation of a 1924 children novel, “O romance da raposa”, created and directed by Artur Correia and Ricardo Neto and made in the Topefilme and Telecine studios

The story of the 13 episode animated series is centered on Salta Pocinhas, a sly vixen who does one and thousand things to get food, even if it means lying, cheating, etc… (evidence comes in the first couple of episodes when she tricks Rei Lobo (the king wolf) into eating the badger Salamurdo, saying that it could be Rei Lobo‘s cure to a tooth ache he had. And also when she constantly robs chickens from several human farms)

The years would pass and, even if she’s getting older and creating her own family, she’d remain the same vivacious and sly vixen as she was in her youth, lying and cheating to the animals from the hood she lives in

This animated version of “O romance da raposa” was such a sucess that a chain of merchandising was created to coincide with the transmission of the series: from calendars to the soundtrack of the series released in a LP and even the reedition of the novel itself

Such was the sucess that it even was exported to several countries, of which Yugoslavia was one of them (when it was still a unified country). On that country’s case, the series was seen in both croatian and slovene

I never knew the existence of this animated series until it was first repeated in RTP Memória back in 2004 (I knew the precedent animated series coming from Telecine and made by part of the team that also made “O romance da raposa” called “Pit, o coelinho verde” since childhood) and I fell in love with it

The beauty of it is that the series, like the novel, does give you a strong and natural portuguese feeling to it that totally combines with the bubbly and intellecutal-like story and the esthetic-fied colorful animation (although with a few flaws. Still, for a animated series made in Portugal and in 1988, it’s quite amazing). The soundtrack made by Jorge Andrade (who was the portuguese conductor for the portuguese entry of ESC 1980, “Um grande, grande amor”, sung by José Cid) was cleverly made and arranged. The list of characters, on the other hand, does have its flaws: some were unforgettable, like Salta Pocinhas, Pocinhas’ mother, Corvo and Rei Lobo, while others didn’t really stand out

Lots of effort was also put into the voice casting, with special kudos to Fernanda Figueiredo who did a unforgettable vocal performance as the main protagonist, Salta Pocinhas. Curious participation of actor Joel Branco as the voice of Corvo

All in all, totally recommended for animation fans, especially those that love to discover something more than the ones from their own country

Last treats – the 3rd episode:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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