Shutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue (2003/2004)


The next anime to be talked about was inspired by a toyline in Japan born in the 80’s (Machine Robo) and it’s its most recent anime series. Talking about “Shutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue”, made by Sunrise (Code Geass and Tiger & Bunny), directed by Hideki Sonoda and originally seen from 8th January 2003 to 3rd January 2004 on TV Tokyo in a total of 51 episodes + a two-episode special to conclude the series (these two special episodes consisted of knowing the whereabouts of the characters some years after the timeline of the series)

General plot: We’re in Japan, more distinctively in a quite distant future where age doesn’t determine whether an individual can perform a task anymore, only with special talent and training. This is the case with the Machine Robo Rescue (MRR) organization which was established as a way of children and robots becoming partners with each other in order to save people from disastrous events

12 children with different talents were chosen and composed into three different teams:

  • Red Wings (a team who deals with fires and aerial rescues, led by instructor Musashi Miyajima): Taiyou Ozora (the main protagonist of the series, a good hearted but reckless (at times) boy who has the ability of being “survival natural”. Four years before, he was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed his parents), Arias Hono (more known as “Ace”, a prodigy in fire fighting and prevention, quite knowledgable, but is over-confident, especially when he lets his teammates rely on him), Kai Kitazawa (a calm and smart boy with glasses, although not as smart as Ace) and Rin Haruka (a chinese descendent tomboy-ish girl. She has a crush on Taiyou, eventhough she doesn’t want to reveal that to him)
  • Blue Sirens (a team who deals with police situations, road accidents and situations involving the capture of criminals, led by instructor Koshiro Sasaki)Makoto Aikawa (a “combat natural”, he’s strict but fair and also the son of police officers, eventhough he has a soft spot for women. At one episode, he’d have his first love relationship experience)Susumu and Tsuyoshi Utada (both twin brothers and specialized in mechanic and engineering. Curiously, they are both sons of a wrestler) and Alice Beckham (a former child actress, she’s vivacious and cheerfull. Verbal fights aside, Alice has a crush on Makoto, proven in the moment the latter goes on in a date at an episode when she got jealous)
  • Yellow Gears (a team who deals with extreme rescue situations involving earthquakes, debris, building collapses and underwater rescues, led by instructor Marie Bito, the daughter of the founder of MRR, Brad Bito)Daichi Hayami (the son of a businessman and an actress, he’s a shy but peaceful boy (eventhough his stomach hurts at times when rescuing), but with the “high spatial awareness” talent. It’s assumed that he has a crush on Sayuri (as witnessed in a episode when he got jealous of Sayuri holding Makoto‘s hands), but it was never confirmed)Sayuri Suizenji (a “therapy natural”, she is a loving and caring, but determined person. At one episode, it’s revealed she rarely sees her parents (only once a month) due to the fact their extensively working abroad)Shou Ashikawa (a sea and underwater rescue specialist, he’s the comic relief of the bunch (in a condensated way, as he is determined to “protect the smile” of people he rescues. His famous quote: “Laughter can save the world”. This comes for a reason: his “carpe diem-ish” sister passed away while swimming down under), forming the happy group of MRR with Ken) and Ken Minami (a feminine-like boy due to the fact he has been solely raised by her good looking mother. With Shou, he forms the happy group of MRR)

Besides the main story, a parallel story comes in the shape of villains whose objective is to interfere in the Machine Robo‘s work. At one point in the first half of the series, this was all about Jay, the only survivor of a failed space exploration when he was a baby (he was born there). But in the moment he fell over a cliff in one of his missions as a Disasters member, resulting in him losing temporarly his memory when he was found out alive and brought to an hospital and finally regaining it, he’d join the MRR as the sole member of the MRR Stealth team in the second half of the series

In Japan, the series was a modest sucess, enough to create a series of merchandising that included action figures, DVD, CD’s, etc… However, “Machine Robo Rescue” was only transmitted in a few more countries, including the only european country to transmitt it so far: Italy (on RAI 2)

My opinion: although it’s aimed at young children, this still has quite a mature (for example, some of the characters’ stories such as Taiyou‘s plane accident that took the lives of his parents (four episodes were dedicated to that struggle) or Daichi‘s difficult adaptation in MRR‘s environment early in the series) environemental and civical side to it, making it quite actual for these days. Animation wise, it’s good for what it is, although with some imperfections. The opening and ending songs provided by JAM Project are unforgettable, especially its opening, making the music of the series richer than it could probably be

The best quality of this series are the ecletic list of characters and MRR robots: all the four MRR teams have characters whose opposite really attracts. Not to mention the rich quality of the voice acting cast: kudos to the voice actors who did the human characters belonging to the four different teams

All in all, a pretty enjoyable and originally concieved series. It might not be for all tastes, but anime fans should give it a try

Last thing to do – putting the OP and the ED of the series:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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