France Gall – Les sucettes (1966)


“The most daring song of the century”, as the author and composer of the song, Serge Gainsbourg, called it in a interview for the “Rock and Folk” magazine. In a way, he was quite right. The song that I’ll be giving my opinion from is “Les sucettes” (“Lollipops”), sung by France Gall

General story: written by Serge Gainsbourg, the risqué soft pop song had the distinction of having a “double meaning” moment on its lyrics, just like the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 1965 for Luxembourg, “Poupée de cire, poupée de son”. On the surface, this could be a song about a girl who loves lollipops, but it actually was about nothing more but… oral sex

Released in March 1966, it went to be a big sucess in France and several TV-appearances to sing this song soon followed. Some were just normal performances, others were more elaborate performances that, at one time, used props and the singer’s “unusual” actions to play on the sexual references. France Gall didn’t realize, therefore, why there were many visitors on sets and when she found the truth, she felt betrayed and mocked upon as far as hiding herself at home for weeks without talking to anyone. Eventhough Gainsbourg made three more songs for her after that happening (“Néfertiti” in 1967, Teenie weenie boppie in 1968 and “Frankenstein” in 1972), it was evident that the partnership between him and France came definitively to an end. To this day, it’s quite rare for her to talk about her partnership with Serge Gainsbourg

Personal opinion: it’s bold, it’s daring, it’s outspoken… that’s what “Les sucettes” is all about. Serge Gainsbourg knew how to do a vigorous song with its up-to-date arrangements at the time and how to write a modern-telling story without being too obvious on its understanding and this song was a perfect example of his maestry. Simply a genius. Despite all the animosity France had with Gainsbourg after finding out the double meaning of the song, she gave another vocal performance for posterity (it’s unforgettable). All in all, a song that, in my opinion, also sounds fresh nowadays and aged well with time

Final treat – a rare France Gall performance of the song with Serge Gainsbourg in 1966:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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