Fotogramas (Spain) – nr. 2027, September edition (2012)


In Portugal, the only cinema magazine is the portuguese version of american cinema magaine Empire (the portuguese versions of the french magazine Première and american magazine Total Film have since then stopped without even a warning). But it’s a cinema magazine from Spain that I’m focusing now: Fotogramas, the oldest cinema magazine in the country (it was first concieved in 1946 as a weekly magazine and even had TV-schedules at one time. Nowadays, it’s solely a monthly cinema magazine) and with a look similiar to the magazines I refered and yet a very impressive one. In this case, we’ll look back to the most recent edition, the September 2012 one, with Brad Pitt as the cover of the magazine

Besides the latest movie releases for cinemas in Spain, as well as DVD/Blu-Ray releases in there and some infos concerning future movies, there a few articles which caught my interest:

– In the “Cinefila” section, an hommage comparsion of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, two “giants” in the history of cinema from the “musicals” category. They are compared in five categories: their childhood, their hits movies, their dancing pairs, their carrer out of the musicals and their last days. It rightly caught my sight

– The article “La redacción viaja al futuro” (“The editorial staff travels to the future”) where some movies are remembered such as “Blade Runner”, “Planet of the Apes” (original 1968 version with Charlton Heston), “La jetée”, “Acción mutante” or even “Wall-E”. This also caught my attention, eventhough there were also other movies about the future that they did forget

– Another article, “No… sin mi estrella” (“Not… without my star”), this time looking back at some of the most famous collaborations between one person and another, mostly between a director and an actor. For example: Josef von Sternberg/Marlene Dietrich, John Ford/John Wayne, François Truffaut/Jean-Pierre Léaud, Akira Kurosawa/Toshiro Mifune, Ingmar Bergman/Liv Ullmann, Federico Fellini/Marcello Mastroianni, Werner Herozg/Klaus Kinski, Tim Burton/Johnny Depp, etc… certainly the highlight of this magazine’s edition

– And finally the last page of the magazine, “Fotogramas: Flashback”, in which an old edition is reviewed. The edition in question was the one from 6th October 1950, n. 99, with Jane Wyman (known, among other things, as the matriach of the 80’s TV-series, “Falcon Crest”) in the cover. At the time, Kirk Douglas was on the verge of a divorce from his first wife, Diana; while Piper Laurie (known for being in “The Hustler” (1961), “Carrie” (1976) and “Children of a Lesser God” (1986) was becoming a star at the young age of 16. Photo-scenes of the movie “Royal Wedding” were shown while the magazine announced that Jane Powell would pair up with Fred Astaire (after other candidates such as Judy Garland refused to do it so), while it was also announced that spanish singers Lola Flores and Manolo Caracol would star in a movie predominantly “folkloric” (“La niña de la venta”, directed by Ramón Torrado)

All in all, I liked it and I’d reccomend this magazine to movie-goers and readers that love to read magazines from other countries rather than its own country for its content and precise-ness

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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