Foxy Brown (1974)


I’ve recently watched a movie that has become a cult movie on its genre throughout the years, eventhough it was badly recieved by critics and having a poor box-office revenue at the time of its release. Talking about the 1974 blaxploitation movie “Foxy Brown”, made by International Pictures, directed by Jack Hill and starring Pam Grier in the leading role (as well as an influence for Quentin Tarantino in the 1997 movie “Jackie Brown”, in which Pam Grier also starred and got acclaim for as well)

For starters, you can read more about the blaxploitation movie genre that had its peek in the 70’s in here:

General plot: The story only gets its full gear after a bit more than half an hour, but that’s where all the puzzle pieces come together – Foxy Brown (Pam Grier) lives a normal life, especially when his boyfriend, Dalton Ford (Terry Carter), a government-agent who had to do a face surgery after an accident, is now discharged from the hospital to live his new life with her with as Michael Anderson. That new life abruptly ends when the gangsters from an “modeling agency” (to say “prostitute agency”) led by Katherine Wall (Kathryn Loder) and her fiancée Steve Elias (Peter Brown) killed him just as he was coming by Foxy‘s house, dying in her arms

From then on, Foxy seeks revenge and she’ll go through several phases, such as dealing with her brother Link (Antonio Fargas), who was also involved with the agency as a drug dealer (and who was later killed by Steve and one of his henchman); infiltrating herself as a prostitute (in the process, she also helped an prostitute to get out of that environment) and planning several revenge-themed setpieces, the last one being the climax of the movie which includes a final verbal face-off between Foxy and Katherine

Now, for the opinion regarding the movie: some of the ingredients for this to become a “cult” movie are present, such the strong and independent woman as the leading character, the “drug dealing” subject, the pomping funky soundtrack and the gritty action sequences. The sexual overtones are present as well and the screenplay got some funny lines, mostly for the Foxy Brown and Katherine Wall characters. A negative point is the sub-par acting (and yet, raw) from most of the cast, as well as the tacky and campy-ness of some of the movie’s scenes

Pam Grier really was the standout, giving some dignity to the movie as Foxy Brown. Next to her was Kathryn Loder for her portrayal of villainess Katherine Wall, eventhough her acting seemed like a weird junction of “odd” and “campy”, sometimes looking like as “over the top”, but hey… perhaps that was the charm of the character, together with her “classic features” corporal and visual looking

All in all, not a bad movie for what it is (not the best movie of the world, though), although I’d get this would not be a movie that everyone could enjoy. I’d say I’d reccomend this to, for example, movie-goers, Quentin Tarantino’s fans and also blaxpolitation movie genre’s admirers

Last, but not least – the trailer of the movie:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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