Towa no Quon (2011)


Back to anime and to a strange concept of its own. Can you imagine an anthology from a anime movie, divided by six movies and seen on a few japanese cinemas in the same year in the space of 6 months? That’s “Towa no Quon” to you, a japanese supernatural animation film directed by the late Umanosuke Iida (he passed away in 2010 of a lung cancer) and made by Bones (the same animation studio that gave us “Soul Eater”, “Scrapped Princess”, “Darker than Black”, “Fullmetal Alchemist”, etc…) that was released from 18th June 2011 to 26th November 2011 (this in monthly basis)

General plot: Tokyo in a futuristic time. There are two different groups or organizations of people: one concerns specific human beings that have awakened their specific powers and the other one’s concern is to hunt those human beings. The first one is called “Attractors” (the supposed “heroes”), the other one is “Custos” (the supposed “antagonists”)

The leader of the “Attractors” is Quon Mitsuchi, a seemingly normal young man with a certain mature wisdom who doesn’t stop at nothing to help everyone who’s in trouble. He carries, though, an also seemingly dark past: 1000 years ago, he lived in a peaceful village where human beings would awake their specific powers together with his younger brother, Towa (a time when Quon was actually a immature young man rather than the thoughtfull young man he’d become). This was until the day of the festival, where the neighbour village started attaking their village and while Towa sealed himself in a cristal, Quon‘s powers awoke while witnessing his family slaughtered, avenging them while enraged

From then on, lots of situations, either psychologically and physically, come into the way until it’s reached the final climax in a confrotation between Quon and the leader of the “Custos”, Kamishiro, who has the idea of taking over Towa‘s powers in order to become the ruler of the world

Moving on to the opinion concerning the referred animated project: for an antologhy of that type, the animation was very well concieved, flowing intensively in the action scenes and smoothly in some of the more calm scenes, especially the ones from Quon‘s past. The story itself is already a massively intriguing one, quite in the type of famous japanese animated series “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, minus the constant frantic (this is not said in a prerogative way) side, but it’s still quite mysterious and original on its own way, helped by its not quite common approach of the supernatural theme. The sound, as also the music done by Kenji Kawai, also does this project impressive and rightful justice

The strong point of the series, though, are the characters. I’d say Quon (the thoughtfull young man who lived with a dark past for a thousand years), Takao (the quite lazy, but still complacent young guy that has the power of teleportation) and Yuuma (the young and friendly boy whose power is varied and still to be controled effectively) are some of the highlights. Yuri (the flirty friend of Quon whose speed power is tremendous) gives a breath of fresh air in the non-action situations, while Shun (the cyborg that, at the begining was part of “Custos”, but joined the “Attractors” group later on) had probably the best character development besides Quon and Shun‘s younger brother, Towa, was also an important factor for the fluidity of the story

Kudos to Hiroshi Kamiya (Quon), Ryoko Shiraishi (Yuri), Miyu Irino (Takao), Mikako Komatsu (Yuuma) and Hiroki Shimowada (Towa) for their well-stated vocal performances

All in all, I’d recommend this japanese animation project to the fans of supernatural animated series and to those who want to see something original and/or dense from an japanese animated series/movies

Last treat – a two-part trailer of the anime movie project:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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