Hourou Musuko (2011)


Time for another anime opinion, a modern one. “Hourou Musuko (translated was “Wandering son” or “The transient son”) is an japanese animated series adapated from the “slice of life” manga of the same made by Takako Shimura, broadcasted from 14th January 2011 to 1st April 2011 on Fuji TV and produced by AIC Classic

The main premise concerns two characters: the sensistive and feminine boy Shuichi Nitori and the tall boyish girl Yoshino Takatsuki, who both have the desire of being the opposite of their actual gender

From them, plus the secondary characters (whose important characters are female classmates Saori Chiba, Kanako Sasa, Chizuru Sarashina and male classmates Makoto Ariga and Shinpei Doi) a range of topics are discussed: from transsexualism to gender identity and also puberty (well, the begining of it). The final on both manga and anime versions are quite ambiguous, but I prefer to keep that a suprise (especially to those who haven’t heard of it yet or know about it, but haven’t seen it)

When I first heard about this (I did not read the manga before), I just knew this would be on my “plan to see” list for the anime winter season. And no way I was disapointed about this one

Honestly, I hadn’t seen animated series that strongly talked about such difficult issues as transsexualism or gender identity before (I wonder if there was one before this one came out). And suddenly this one comes with a bang…

It might not have a fast pace storywise, but the slow pace gives it a more realistic feeling to a deep story of its calibre. Visually, it’s unlike what I saw on many japanese animated series for its softer animated tone, one that blends very well with the atmosphere of the series and the characters’ designs. Talking about characters, we have a very rich number of interesting characters that give a positive punch into the story. In terms of music, Satoru Kosaki and Keiichi Okabe did a very good job in putting a distinct perspective for and into the series. The opening entry, “Itsudatte” by Daisuke, is nice to hear as well

By the way, kudos to young actors Kousuke Hatakeyama and Asami Seto for their impressive voice acting of characters Nitori and Takatsuki respectively

All in all, I’d totally reccomend for the anime fans. If you’re looking for something original, daring and dense, here it is. For those who’re into fast paced stories and some kind of action, it’ll depend on your disposition

A final treat – the opening of the series:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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