RTP 1 and RTP 2 (08/11/1978)


time for television and for another TV schedule of both RTP 1 and RTP 2, the only portuguese channels transmitted at the time. Our next stop, this time, is going a few years backwards to my previous post concerning TV schedules as we find out what happened on Wednesday, 8th November 1978:

13:25: Ano Propedêutico (back in the those days, we had tv school as well. This segment was for the higher education aka. the highest level of education – university, etc…)

18:30: Sumário (first news of the day (and most probably, summary of the schedule for the channel made by a on-vision continuity person) in 5 minutes. That’s when the regular programing really started in here)

18:35: Jardins zoológicos do mundo (children program whose importance was to find out the most impressive zoos in the world. On that day, we’d discover the Colombo Zoo, located in Sri Lanka)

19:05: País, país (regional news. Nowadays, the format has another name called “Portugal em Directo”)

19:30Mulher, mulheres (lifestyle magazine for women)

20:00: Jornal RTP-1 (main news bulletin (who was called Telejornal before the name change in late 1978. It reverted a bit more than a year later to its former name)

20:35Perfil (lifestyle magazine whose purpose is to see “flashes” of some important figures of the portuguese culture)

20:40: O astro (brazilian soap opera from Rede Globo, first seen in December 1977 on its own country. The main plot is about a man that works on a charcuterie as a fortune teller (well, pretends to be one) who’d later be the main businessman director of a company led by a rich family (this happens at the same time we have several paralel stories concerning various characters). On that day, we were on the 18th episode)

21:20: Vamos jogar no Totobola (a program on which we’d find out the results on one more extraction of Totobola, a lottery game concerning football (for example, Spain has its own football lottery, La Quinela) on which, in order to get big prizes in cash, you’d have to guess up to 13 fixtures correctly (nowadyas, we have 14). Before that, we’d have a short documentary. In this case, about the ballet and the profession of “ballet dancer”, by the vision of a male and female dancer working in the Companhia Nacional de Bailado)

21:30História do Teatro em Portugal (documentary about the history of theatre in Portugal)

22:30Os novos vingadores (original title: “The New Avengers”, the sequel of one of the most famous british espionage series of the 60’s, “The Avengers”, from which Patrick Macnee got famous with his role of John Steed, a role the actor artfully reprises on the sequel. This time, though, he’s accompained by two partners whom he mentors as well: top agent Mike Gambit (Gareth Hunt, more known for his numerous participations on several TV series than for his movie participations, such as one episode of “Space: 1999”) and former ballet dancer, but still a kick-ass fighter, Purdey (Joanna Lumley, before becoming utterly famous for her role of Patsy Stone in the british comedy series “Absolutely Fabulous”, accompained by actress and co-author of the series, Jennifer Saunders). On that day, the series was debuting for the first time (well, apparently it was… at least, in here), but the episode that we were watching was actually the 7th episode of the 2nd season called “Hostage” (translated in here as “A cilada” (“The trap”)

23:25: 24 (Vinte e quatro) Horas (late news bulletin with the resume of the news of the day and also the latest news, when needed)

23:40: Fecho/Encerramento de emissão (it’s closedown time. A in-vision continuity person would present what’ll be the schedule for tomorrow and then would say good night to the TV-viewers + we’d hear the national hymn of Portugal: “A portuguesa”)

20:32Síntese (knowledge magazine. The focus of the program that day was on french chemist Edgar Lederer, as seen by his collaborators. Other themes in discussion were: biomechanics, dogs as a monitor of pollution and solar irradiation measures in the forest)

20:55As grandes viagens (documentary magazine. On the day, the theme was the Orient Express – for more informations about it in here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orient_Express )

22:00: Informação/2 (Dois) (main news bulletin of the channel, done in a different way than the RTP 1 news bulletin)

22:30Directíssimo (talk-show presented by noted journalist Joaquim Letria and author-composer, as well as the musical director of the show, Thilo Krassmann (known to ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) fans for having been the conductor for a few portuguese ESC entries, like 1979). In here, the latest news were on the talks, but also there wasn’t short of interviews, music and spectacle. For example: in future time, ESC 1979 winners, Gali Atari & Milk & Honey, would appear live on this show shortly after their victory performing a couple of songs, most probably their winning song “Hallelujah”)

23:50: Fecho/Encerramento de emissão (it’s closedown time. A in-vision continuity person would present what’ll be the schedule for tomorrow and then would say good night to the TV-viewers + we’d hear the national hymn of Portugal: “A portuguesa”)

(sources: Diário de Lisboa and TV Guia (logotypes from the latter) all rights reserved)

Quite a intelectual schedule we had that day: lots of documentaries and knowledge magazines, as also as the always present soap-opera, a talk-show and also the sequel of a famous series of the 60’s made in the 70’s

A final treat for you – the two openings of the british series “The New Avengers”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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