eRa – Ameno (1996)


My first 1990’s post on my blog concerns a childhood memory of mine: eRa‘s new age piece “Ameno”

Created by Éric Lévi, eRa was a music project much to the likes of other New Age groups such as Enigma (created by Michael Cretu), Gregorian (fronted by Frank Peterson) and Deep Forest (composed of duo Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet) and whose style is fusing gregorian chants and world music with electronic arrangements, as also as making lyrics in pseudo-latin (Dog Latin) and english

Right on their eponymous debut album released in 1996, the sucess was instant on its home country, France, and it would be felt on several other countries like Portugal (where the album was a #1 hit in the Portuguese Album Charts for several weeks. A record that would only beaten by Lara Fabian‘s eponymous first english album in 1999)

Talking about the song: “Ameno” is the only song of the album in which two versions are included – the original version, a bit over 4 minutes long with rock arrangements and the remix version, almost 4 minutes long with dance arrangements. The latter was the one used for the impressive videoclip of the song that chronicles the voyage of a girl in two different times

Although I like both versions, I prefer the rockish version: there’s a raw quality and sincerity on it that uplifts it higher than the remix version. The lyrics are also very inspiring, taking the medieveal ideals and issues back to the 20th Century, eventhough the language of the song is not pure latin. The vocals do give justice as well to the song – they are unforgettable

All in all, it marked my childhood so much for every single thing of the song’s production: from melody to lyrics and vocals to the videoclip. A masterpiece of the 1990’s music in fact

A last treat  the original album version of the song:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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