ESC: My top-10 of the portuguese entries so far…


You might have noticed that on my top-10 of all-time ESC entries (so far), I don’t have any songs from my own country (Portugal) in it and you’d wonder why is that. My reason is that I like music and, eventhough I have at least half (or more) of the portuguese entries on my top-5 or top-10 for each year, none of them has gone to be my #1 on that sense (a few of them were almost there by just). Therefore, I dedicate this thread to the ESC entries from my country + indication of where’s each song on my top of each year:

01: 1979  Manuela Bravo  Sobe, sobe, balão sobe (my =2nd of 1979 with Austria)

02: 1980  José Cid  Um grande, grande amor (my 2nd of 1980)

03: 1972  Carlos Mendes  Festa da vida (my 2nd of 1972)

041971 – Tonicha  Menina do alto da serra (my 2nd of 1971)

05: 1966 – Madalena Iglésias  Ele e ela (my 2nd of 1966)

06: 1973 – Fernando Tordo  Tourada (my 2nd of 1973)

07: 1991 – Dulce Pontes  Lusitana paixão (my 2nd of 1991)

08: 1994 – Sara Tavares  Chamar a música (my 2nd of 1994)

09: 1968 – Carlos Mendes  Verão (my 2nd of 1968)

10: 1982 – Doce  Bem bom (my 3rd of 1982)

All in all, I believe these are some of the best entries we ever sent as there’s a bit from almost every decade, except the 2000’s and 2010’s (a few of them like 2008, 2009 and 2012 were almost there, but aren’t still in the standard to be on this top of mine)

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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