Visão História (2008-present)


Visão História is a tri-monthly (sometimes four-monthly or a bit more) magazine that extensively goes into a certain theme each magazine: from facts to figures, some interviews and even analysis are what you can find in this non-stop collection

The first release of the magazine on May 2008 coincided with the 40th anniversary of the May 1968 protests in France and was titled “1968  O ano que não acabou” (“1968  The year that never ended“). This release not only did speak of the earlier mentioned event, but other events that enrolled throughout that year (the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia, the Marcelist Spring in Portugal, etc…)

Since then, 16 volumes have been released:

01: “1968 – O ano que não acabou(theme: 1968)
02: “A queda de Salazar e a “Primavera Marcelista(theme: 19681974’s Marcelist Spring)
03: “Cuba  50 (cinquenta) anos de revolução(theme: Cuba and Fidel Castro’s government)
04: “Iª Guerra Mundial  Portugal nas trincheiras(theme: World War I and Portugal’s participation)
05: “E o Homem chegou à Lua(theme: the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969)
06: “O muro de Berlim e a Guerra Fria(theme: the fall of Berlin wall and its consequences)
07: “Portugal há 100 anos(theme: the end of the monarchy days and the begining of the constitutional republic days in Portugal)
08: “Portugal e a IIª Guerra Mundial(theme: World War II and Portugal’s life during those years)
09: “1975: O verão quente” (theme: the Carnation Revolution of 25th April 1974 and its repercussions)
10: “41 (Quarenta e uma) grandes figuras da Iª República(theme: the 1st portuguese republic and a look at 41 influential persons of that time)
11: “Conspirações contra o Regime(theme: the 19261974 portuguese dictatorship)
12: “Angola 1961: o começo da Guerra Colonial(theme: the 19611974 portuguese colonial war)
13: “Invasões francesas: os anos que abalaram Portugal(theme: the french invasions of Portugal and the Peninsular War)
14: “A queda da Índia Portuguesa(theme: the end of the Portuguese State of India (in 1961)
15: “As crises do Capitalismo(theme: Capitalism in Portugal (and the crises through the years)
16: “Portugueses nos Jogos Olímpicos(theme: Summer Olympic Games and Portugal’s participation in the games)

The 16th magazine of the collection is the most recent release which saw the light of day last month (June 2012) and it reflects the theme of Portugal‘s participation in the Summer Olympic Games, whose focus goes to some names as Francisco Lázaro (competed in the marathon of the 1912 games… only to pass away the day after as a result of a insolation (he didn’t complete his run when that happened)… and maybe more, as the magazine reveals what more could have really happened)Carlos Lopes (known for his gold medal in the marathon at the 1984 games) and Rosa Mota (known for her gold medal in the marathon at the 1988 games), among other topics

All in all, a magazine collection that should be treasured for its historical value, especially the ones from the 20th century, a century I love the most in the universal history

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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