RTP 1 and RTP 2 (04/07/1981)


one more schedule of RTP 1 and RTP 2 is about to be on discussion. This time, and going forward after my previous TV schedule post about a day of 1979, we’re going to the one from Saturday, 4th July 1981, 31 years after John McEnroe‘s first victory in the Wimbledon (Tennis) Championships:

13:55Ténis  final de Wimbledon (.aka, Wimbledon (Tenis) Championships, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments of all time in its 1981 edition. On that day, it was transmitted the final of men’s singles event between Björn Borg (Sweden) and John McEnroe (USA), with the latter winning it)

16:30Porque hoje é Sábado (variety show. From documentaries to light news reports and even games and some animated series, everything was included in this long-duration show)

19:00:  IIIª Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores (the portuguese version of Zecchino d’Oro, with its 1st part transmitted live at the Casino Peninsular of Figueira da Foz. In here, both portuguese and international contestants would fight for several prizes in the contest. A regular presenter of the contest during the 80’s, Sansão Coelho, became a popular figure with younger people)

20:25O tempo (the weather forecast for the next day)

20:30: Telejornal (main news bulletin that reverted back to its original name after adopting in 19781979 the name “Jornal RTP-1”)

21:05Um elétrico chamado desejo (original title: “A streetcar named desire”. Adaptated from Tennesse Williams‘ play of the same name, it was made in 1951 by Elia Kazan and starred, between others, Vivien Leigh (of “Gone with the Wind” fame. She also actually performed the character she played, Blanche, in the West End version of the play in United Kingdom), Marlon Brando (in his breakthrough movie role as brutish Stanley, a role he had portrayed on the Broadway version of the play), Kim Hunter (also in a breakthrough role as Stella, something she had played originally on Broadway. She’d also be known in future time for her participation in the original version of “Planet of the Apes”) and Karl Malden (who also had his breakthrough movie role by performing Mitch). More informations in: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Streetcar_Named_Desire_(1951_film). After that, it’s closedown time)

15:55: Atletismo (live transmission of the Atlhetics European Cup 1981 in Warsaw, Poland. On that day, the semi-finals of some of the programs were transmitted)

18:00: Setentrião (art and history program. On that day, the theme of the program was the sculptor Teixeira Lopes and the Jornadas Vicentinas of 1912)

18:25Programa músical (as stated, a short music program where we’d hear and see some songs from a particular artist in a short time. On that day and at that hour, the portuguese rock group Táxi was the focus (at the time, they were the sentation of the year after the high sucess of their self-titled debut album, “Táxi” and the release of a single that would become a staple of the 80’s portuguese music, the corky “Chiclete”)

18:40Flash Gordon (original title: “The new adventures of Flash Gordon”. Produced by Filmation, the series was originally made and transmitted by NBC from 1979 to 1982 with some degree of sucess on its 1st season, but with viewing figures declining during the 2nd season. In Portugal, the series had its actual debut the previous year, so in a way, this was a rerun as on that day, the very first episode of the 1st season, “A planet in peril” was re-transmitted)

19:05: Programa músical (as stated, a short music program where we’d hear and see some songs from a particular artist in a short time. On this second slot, the british progressive rock band Camel was the focus (on that year, they released a new album, “Nude”, a concept album based on the true story of a japanese soldier, Hiroo Onoda)

19:30Informação (usually on RTP 2 at the time, there wasn’t any news bulletins on weekends. This one, though, was only dedicated to sport news)

20:00Tesouros da Cinemateca (cinema documentary magazine. On that day, we were on the 2nd program)

21:00A loja da música (music program. The singer in question on that day was Elton John (He had just released his most recent album in May 1981, “The fox”)

22:00Magia da dança (ballet program made in Convent Garden, with music played by the Royal Opera House Orchestra, under the conduction of Ashley Lawrence. Among the ballet dancers was british “prima ballerina assoluta” Margot Fonteyn, widely known for her multiple performances with russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Noting that this had been transmitted in RTP a while before, so it was actually a rerun. After that, it’s closedown time)

(source: Diário de Lisboa all rights reserved)

Nice television schedule that we have here. Full emphasis on music this time around by RTP 2 and different kinds of sport besides football making their way (this considering the new season of the Portugal’s 1st Division wasn’t starting just yet) on both channels, as well some intellectual programes and the main plate being the film that was transmitted on RTP 1 (while nowadays there’s a overload of cinema showing every day on the terrestrial channels, especially on weekends + we have nowadays cable TV channels concerning cinema, such a thing didn’t exist back in 1981 for, probably, the sake of variety)

Final treats – the opening of the 1979-1982 animated series, “The new adventures of Flash Gordon” + the complete Wimbledon‘s final of men’s single event between Borg and McEnroe:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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