Tsuritama (2012)


Another recent japanese animated series that is now over after 12 episodes. It transmitted on Fuji TV from 12th April to 28th June 2012, every Thursdays and produced by Aniplex, Fuji TV and Dentsu with the animation being done at the A-1 Pictures studios

General plot: the story is centered on four persons, all male: Yuki Sanada, a sociophobic that, eventhough he tries to establish friendships, is too shy and doesn’t have the social skills to initiate one; Haru, a vivacious and carefree character who claims to be an “alien” (which, in fact, he is); Natsuki Usami, a prodigy fishing person (hence the nickname “The fishing prince”) with some familiar problems and Akika Agarkar Yamada, a indian prince who works as a spy for the “D.U.C.K.” organization and always has as a animal pet with him, Tapioca (a duck). The location of the story, Enoshima, will be the center of a natural catastrophy and the four mentioned persons are supposedely the ones that can prevent that from happening

At first, it wasn’t one of the japanese animated series I’d defintively watch in the 2012 Anime Spring Season beforehand, but the more I got intriguied by the plot, the more I’d come to a conclusion and decided to watch it only sometime before it’d start

In a way, it exceeded my expectations right from the 1st episode to the end: a well intentioned plot about friendship and trust with a cast of exquisite characters, all of which aligned and connected to one simple thing: fishing and also a different and quite original type of animation that does justice to the rather oddness of the series. The voice casting is equally interesting, by the way

The best of the series, though, is resumed on only four alphabet letters: Haru. With such a carefree personality and his peculiar sense of humour and, yet, vulnerability, he stole the show and became the most memorable and loving character of the series, in my opinion. Likewise, Miyu Irino‘s vocal performance of the character was unforgettable, providing all the cheerfullness of the character (I’d also think a female voice actress could’ve also done justice to the character, provided that it’d have the same quirkyness as Miyu Irino had)

All in all, I’d reccomend this series if you’re looking for something original and topical in a japanese animated series and/or to those who love fishing

Just to get a first feeling of the series, here’s a couple of trailers concerning “Tsuritama”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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