Play it again, Charlie Brown (1971)


As a tradition for several years on the american television (sometimes consecutively), the comic book series of Charles Schulz‘s “Peanuts” had always a place in the primetime slot via a TV-animated special. And 1971 was particulary no exception when “Play it again, Charlie Brown” was first broadcasted in CBS on 28th March 1972 and was directed by Bill Melendez (who also voiced Snoopy)

General plot: usually on the “Peanuts”‘ comic strips/books, the fact that Lucy (the bossy girl and older sister of Linus) is really in love with Schroeder (the pianist whose idol is Ludwig van Beethoven), something that the latter doesn’t correspond, is a classic case and this special puts an emphasis to the obvious. In here, Lucy tries everything to get his caring and loving attention, but Schroeder always rebuffs (she even asks Charlie Brown (main character of the series having in this special a very reductive role) or Snoopy (Charlie Brown‘s dog, always either philosophical (in a way, he’s a dreamer) or either doing other things on disguise (pretending to be a human), for example: the psychatrist on this episode) for advice). Good news suddenly appear as Peppermint Patty (the tomboy girl who normally has a crush on Charlie Brown) tells Lucy to convince Schroeder to play in the PTA program, eventhough Patty informs to her afterwards (when Lucy was thanking her for the idea) that he has to play rock, something that Schroeder doesn’t like, meaning that he will be in conflict with his conscience about whether to stay true to himself by not playing in the PTA program or to be “sold out” by the rock music and perform it in the same event

The first time I saw this was only in the mid-2000’s, when almost all the “Peanuts” specials and series made up to that date were first shown on RTP 2 (known as :2 back then), dubbed in portuguese (they were later shown on the children channels Canal Panda and Panda Biggs, this time on its original dub with portuguese subtitles) and this is one of the specials I loved the most

Sheer genius of putting the music (with original score by jazz performer Vince Guaraldi in between some of Beethoven‘s most celebrated compositions) in the center of Lucy‘s love illusions with Schroeder and her attempts to win him over and also by going into issues up to discussion due to Schroeder‘s questioning in either betray or not his (music) principles. The voice casting has also a shed of brilliance with child turning teenage actress Pamelyn Ferdin getting the spotlight as the voice of Lucy

All in all, a light-tempered special that might be simple (storywise), but goes somewhat into ethical and topical issues for its sincere (and funny) treatment of love and self-respect

Last thing to do – posting a video with the opening of the special:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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  1. One of the best Peanuts specials that I had absloutely adored ever, Perhaps either the first and only time Lucy and Schroeder as the main characters will almost or a lot I think!

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