La Casa Azul – La revolución sexual (Spanish ESC NF 2008)


my first post concerning songs that didn’t win their ESC NF‘s or were almost chosen internally if it wasn’t for something else. And this coming with one of the songs I dearly loved: the retro-indie pop tinged “La revolución sexual”, sung by La Casa Azul, a project “phantom” group of Guille Milkyway (“phantom” because Guille is the sole member of the group. The other members only exist virtually) created in 2000

Before moving on with the song, a general summary of the preselection: entitled “Salvemos Eurovisión”, it was divided into two phases – first one being the internet round: more than 500 songs were submitted and only 10 songs would qualify for the final round; 5 of them being the top-5 of the internet voting and the other 5 being chosen by a jury (one of the original chosen ones in the latter had the song disqualfied for not fullifiling the rules and it was, therefore, replaced by another song from another artist). In the final round, presented by famed italian entertainer Raffaella Carrà, the chosen one to represent Spain in ESC 2008, by 100% televoting, was Rodolfo Chikilicuatre (a ficitional character created by David Fernández who was in a private channel, La Sexta, as a prominent act on the talk-show “Buenafuente”) with the novelty/joke song “Baila el Chiki-Chiki”. The preselection wasn’t devoid of scandals: the internet round’s voting was accused of being easily distorted in favour of acts like Rodolfo Chikilicuatre or El Gato (who had most of its votes deleted after TVE found the votes to be fake) and the ESC fans soon also accused the fact that the winning song of the preselection had political overtones

Now, let’s move on to the song I’m going to give an opinion from. Taken from the album of the same released in late 2007 (and thus making it elegible for ESC, after editing out the song to the 3 minutes rule), “La revolución sexual” plays with the retro 70’s disco sound incorporated in this modern indie electro-pop entry, with thoughtfull lyrics about what can be viewed as a sign of a upcoming sexual revolution. Overall, it was simply infectuous and also beautifully produced and arranged, especially the original full version of the song (every part of the song is quite lovely and nostalgic to hear) and one of my favourites entries from those that didn’t win the ESC NF‘s

The performance in the NF, although being the most competent possible, lacked a bit of the colourful imagery shown in the video. Anyway, Guille and his female backing vocal did the best they can to represent the song in great style. Such a pity this was entered in a year when the hideous and puking-inducing “Baila el Chiki-Chiki” won, though I don’t know if it would do as good as the former mentioned suprisingly did (to my disbelief) or better. It’s one of those songs that we don’t quite know how they’ll actually do, due to its modern quirkyness and oddness, though I’d say it’s a bit ahead of its time for ESC in that year and it wouldn’t do as well as Rodolfo‘s song

Recently last year, the “group” has released a new album “La Polinesia Meridional” that maintains their indie-pop sound from the 2007 album. I’d reccomend, in between the songs from that album, the equally infectuous but less positive lyrically, “Colisión inminente (Red lights, red lights)”

Last treats – the same song in three versions released in a compiliation of the group: in english, in german (ft. Françoise Cactus) and korean (ft. Yeongene):

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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