Turma da Mônica (1970-present)


In the world of the brazilian comics, no one outshines the “Turma da Mónica” (internationally known as “Monica’s Gang”) ‘s comic series, with lots of different editions per month (there’s one for each of the four main characters, some for other important characters of the series and a few tematic ones, especially the also popular “Turma da Mônica Jovem”, a teenage take on the comic series world with the japanese manga influence) and also a merchandising turn-on (from TV-series to food and toillet products and even institucional promotions). Created by Maurício de Sousa and first born in 1959 as comic strips, the main conception of the series as a comic book started in 1970, the year Brazil won for the 3rd time the FIFA World Cup

General normal plot concerns four children:

– Mônica, the strongest girl of the block (also known as the leader of the gang), both physically and psychologically and yet, she’s also quite feminine and poetic

– Cebolinha, who’s main objective is to “dethrone” Mônica as the leader of the gang and the street, eventhough is not a bad boy. In a way, he’s dsylexic: in brazilian portuguese, he often switches the “R”‘s to “L”‘s

– Cascão, a friendly kid who loves garbage (eventhough he cares much about the environment that is still being polluted) and hates taking a shower. He has a girlfriend, Cascuda

– Magali, the girl with the most appetite for food from all the members: she’s always eating… all the time. And yet, she’s still slim and elegant

An array of secondary characters and other worlds of this comic book series participate in their stories or have their own stories and there’s a little bit of everything (from adventurous stories to topical stories), always pontuacted with some humour and some tenderness

All in all, a mystical comic book series that I’d totally reccomend to the fans and non-fans of the comic books  (it has been cited in the “1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die” from the “1001 Before You Die” books collection)

One more thing – a recent Christimas TV special made in December 2011, just to prove how everlasting is the sucess of “Turma da Mònica”:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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  1. Dyslexia is not a debilitating disease but of course it can be annoying. tom cruise is also said to have been dsylexic but he is a successful person. ,”‘:,

    Best regards

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