ESC 2012: The split televoting and jury results of the semi-finals and the final


I was caught by suprise when the split 50/50 voting results of the televote and jury suddenly appeared yesterday (since 2009 that it’s done (in the case of the semi finals, since its voting introduction in 2010) and in all times it’s not known when to expect them). I was in the shopping mall, waiting to see the movie in the cinema for the first session early in the afternoon and I didn’t know about it until some minutes after coming back home

In a way, just to finally end the ESC 2012 season, I’ll give my opinion about those results and then a general opinion of them in the end. First, we’ll go to the semi-finals results


Some results are no suprise, like Russia winning the televote (it had the factor that could give them the win) or Hungary doing well the jury and therefore giving it the qualification for the final that they needed

However, I was suprised by the fact that Albania did so well in both, while the nordic countries fell quite short from both of them; San Marino and Montenegro did better in the televoting than what I’ve expected and delighted by the fact that Israel did well in the jury voting (sadly, it could seem that the televoters didn’t like the alternative feeling of the song). By the way, I was also suprised that Austria didn’t do better in the televoting as I was sure it wouldn’t cativate the juries. Thank God it happened and I hope they’ll send a better song


No suprise that, for example, Serbia would in the top-2 of both, altough they almost won the jury voting if it wasn’t for Sweden and that Bosnia & Herzegovina wouldn’t have many difficulties in getting a qualification seeing the split voting

For suprises now: Bulgaria being totally high with the televoting, as well as The Netherlands; Ukraine (who normally does very well in the televoting with normal or effective songs) suprisingly fails so hard in the televoting and gets a great position with the juries; Georgia doing a Macedonia 2010 (my last of that year) like result with the jury and Norway‘s last placing with the jury. Delighted to see Estonia and Lithuania doing well on both, while sad that Portugal couldn’t do better with, at least, with the jury – but, hey, it was a hard semi…


Once again, there’s no suprise about the fact that, for example, Serbia and Azerbaijan would do very well on both televoting and jury (both songs were effectively great and had great performances out of them), while Turkey and Greece would do well in the televoting (altough it’s a bit surpising that the jury voting for both of them was quite lower than expected). As well not suprising that Hungary would fail so hard in the final

Suprises come and go by a mile: first of all, France got the infamous null points in the televoting. Was it really deserved? No way (thank God the juries saved it from total humiliation). Next, Spain did better with the jury than I was expecting (a similiar situation as the last three years: televoting being better than jury). Then, Norway doing worse in the televoting, differently from the semi. I would never guess that Germany would do so well with both, seeing them again. And unlike in the semi, Sweden could have struggled to win in the televoting against Russia, if it wasn’t for the jury voting

Delighted that Italy and Estonia did so well with the jury to compensate the somewhat low televoting results (in the case of former, it’s quite disapointing) and that Denmark was quite low on both (not a very deserved finalist, in my opinion. And I’d guess that’s what would’ve happen had Sweden qualified for the final in 2010)

Overall, the 50/50 voting is still the fairest way of voting, giving the best of both worlds, and the best thing EBU introduced for both ESC and jESC, as the televoting and the jury separately do have some obviousity themselves. But then again, it’s hard to please everyone, especially on the personal tastes case (some prefer jury only, others prefer televoting only and some prefer 50/50, the latter being my case. And some would think a song deserved more than the other, etc…)

One more thing before ending my posts about ESC 2012 – relieve the final voting with the BBC One commentary provided by Graham Norton:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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