A demanda do R (1997)


Back to the animation department, but this time with a portuguese animated series of my childhood. Portugal isn’t known usually for the production of animated series. The few and most significant ones were: 1988‘s animated adptation of Aquilino Ribeiro‘s most known novel, “O romance da raposa”; “Pit, o coelhinho verde” from 1990, “As maravilhosas expedições às ilhas encantadas” from 1991-1992 and the series I’m going to give an opinion from

Created, written and directed by Humberto Santana with animation direction of Rui Cardoso and produced by Animanostra with co-production of Club D’Investissement Media, RTP and Millimages, the series debuted on TV in 1997 in the children program “Um, Dó, Li, Tá” and was repeated numerous times throughout the early 2000’s, with the last repeat being on RTP Memória in the mid 2000’s. It has been, since then, a well-remembered series for the generation who grew up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s

General plot: In the ficticial kingdom of Fantasia, everything and everyone was serene and at peace, until the day the king and the queen passed away during their sleep. With no descendants, a democratic decision was made in order to elect the new king. The candidates were the young but helpful and friendly Vicente Generoso and the evil-doer wizard Hipólito Lixado, with the former being unanimously elected by the people

Furious at the situation, Hipólito Lixado got his revenge by stealing the “R” letter of the alphabet, thus making it difficult for the people to read and to write properly (as it suddenly didn’t exist anymore). The only way to get it back is to go to the Terras das Letras (Land of Letters) and recover the missing letter by using a box as a portal to enter in that parallel world. Newly crowned king Vicente decides to take the risk, followed by his best friends Orlando Estudioso and Casmiro Lenhador

To see more about the series, see the blog site of the series: http://demandador.blogspot.pt/

The first time I saw the series, I was totally gobsmacked by it and suprised by the fact that it was actually a very up-to-date animated series with emphasis on action and adventure with a logical, convincing and interesting plot, much like other animated series from other countries of its era

Despite its animation flaws, it was still very well concieved. The voice casting was also quite memorable with actors such as Teresa Sobral (who rightfully voiced Vicente), Luís Lucas (giving a certain friendly flavour for his voice acting of Casmiro), Cláudia Cadima (always a great actress on and off-screen, giving her uncomparable voice acting to Orlando), Carlos Macedo (good moment by voicing the villain Hipólito Lixado) and also Peter Michael (who did a few supporting characters. Uncomparable voice as well)

The series was released on a 2-DVD pack in 2005 by Vidisco (normally a music discographic label), with the episodes included on the first one (portuguese and english audio and subtitles included) and various extras on the second one

As a final treat, here’s the opening and the ending of the series:

Thank you,

LAboy 456
(Rui Craveiro)


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